BES Resource Kit 4.1 SP 6 released


BlackBerry Logo Three new tools, the BlackBerry Synchronization Request Tool, the BlackBerry Time Zone Synchronization Tool, and the BlackBerry System Requirements Tool have been included in the latest BES Resource Kit. The BlackBerry User Administration Tool has only had its maximum number of moveable users cut down to 1,000, so no new features there. This release marks “the quickest turnaround for a BRK release following the BES release”, possibly showing that RIM is stepping up their software production. The last month or so has been pretty busy, what with CDKs, DMs, and OSes coming out at pretty regular intervals. One can only hope that it keeps up, eh?

Download the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Resource Kit 4.1 Service Pack 6

(via BlackBerry News)

The new BlackBerry® Synchronization Request Tool requests a synchronization.
The BlackBerry Synchronization Request Tool adds a synchronization request to the pending queue.

The new BlackBerry Time Zone
Synchronization Tool requests a time zone synchronization and backup.
The new tool schedules a synchronization of the time zone database. (SDR179649)

The new BlackBerry System Requirements Tool reports on the suitability of a computer.
The new tool run a series of tests on a computer and reports on the results. The tool is available in
both GUI and command prompt versions, although only the GUI version creates configuration files. (SDR139214)

BlackBerry® Domain Administration History Tool
SDR174720 If a user was deleted, all events for that user showed N/A instead of the user name; N/A should only apply to deletion itself.
In BlackBerry Enterprise Server Resource Kit version 4.1 SP6, this problem is resolved.

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  1. 1 Rajeev

    where can I download BlackBerry System Requirements Tool from. what’s the name of exe?
    Thank you

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