Blackberry Bold launch parties and musical Thunder (BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 35)

As usual, this week’s BlackBerry Cool Podcast features a few tidbits about the BlackBerry Thunder, BlackBerry Kickstart and BlackBerry Bold, but we’ve also got some fresh colours from Bell and T-Mobile on the way. We’re also giving you a snippet of Doug’s talk with Andy Brown of Strategy Analytics. Andy was at the UK Bold launch and had the opportunity to interview RIM’s co-CEO Mike Lazaridis.

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New treatment can totally waterproof your BlackBerry: Imagine a totally and completely waterproof BlackBerry - coming soon from Golden Shellback.
BlackBerry Bold coming soon to Austria: Coming by way of A1 for € 249,00, the Austrian BlackBerry Bold is certainly on the way.
RIM considering Chinese factory: Norm Lo says that production facilities may be getting into China in the near future.
BlackBerry Thunder due October 8th. with Rhapsody?: The BlackBerry 9500 could be coming to Verizon this October, along with an over-the-air music download store through Rhapsody.
BlackBerry Kickstart video walkthrough: The BlackBerry 8220 gets a solid video review, taking a preliminary look at the software changes and the striking new form factor.
T-Mobile 3G rollout confirmed for October 1st.: Major American markets like New York, Chicago, Orlando, Detroit, Atlanta, Los Angelas, Washington DC can expect 3G service this October.
Sunset BlackBerry Curve from T-Mobile due August 4th?: A slick orange/red BlackBerry 8320 is due to come to T-Mobile in a short week’s time. Check the pics!
Bell rolling out new colours for BlackBerry Curve and Pearl: The BlackBerry 8330 looks great in crimson, and the BlackBerry 8130 looks none too shabby in white or titanium.

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