BlackBerry Bold on Rogers going for $649.99 w/o contract

If for some reason you wanted to spend more than the $399.99 asking price on a three-year contract with Rogers the BlackBerry 9000 (like to roam with an AT&T plan instead of going with Rogers), it looks like you’ll be able to grab the Bold for $649.99 without any strings attached. That’s the standard $250 that usually gets subsidied on BlackBerrys, but when you take a look at the BlackBerry 8220 getting knocked down to $50 from $599.99, you have to wonder how much more favourably Rogers wants the iPhone to look versus the Bold. The Rogers outlet here in Ottawa has the Bold on display, which makes me think that it’s ready for sale, but still nothing on an announcement, or any presence in the online store. Full release could be available as soon as tomorrow. The big question is are you getting one?

(via BlackBerry News)

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