BlackBerry Pearl 8220 coming to Rogers! What’s a Kickstart?

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UPDATE: Our friend Fake Ted Rogers has also told us that the BlackBerry Pearl 8220 should also be arriving to Rogers in September like its T-Mobile counterpart.

UPDATE 2: If you were thinking this might be a Rogers-only thing, T-Mobile’s BlackBerry 8220 will also be named the Pearl.

The upcoming BlackBerry Kickstart is coming to Rogers sometime in Q3! But it won’t be called the BlackBerry Kickstart. Instead, the nascent FlipBerry will be called the BlackBerry Pearl 8220. Only time will tell if it will replace the candybar line of Pearls or run along side it.

There’s not much more than a few pictures and promises of the Pearl 8220 working on Rogers’ rebranded voice-over-Wi-fi service, “Talkspot“, but previous talk was pointing to a September launch on T-Mobile, along with a new CellData option to give some location info based on cell tower usage. An external LCD screen will also be on the BlackBerry 8220, marking it as a significant (and overdue) departure from the traditional BlackBerry form factor. This document from Rogers says the BlackBerry 8220 will have a “attractive price point”, which seems to confirm something within the supposed $49.99 price range.

Thanks Mike!

Rogers BlackBerry 8220

  • DavidB
    Wow what a bozo marketing decision by SOMEONE at RIM to call this thing a "Pearl". Talk about confusing people. Let's hope this is merely some pre-release goof on Rogers part.
  • Aaron
    Talkspot is Roger's Rebranding of Home Calling Zone or their UMA system.
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