BlackBerrys to land in Vietnam in October

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Viettel will be bringing the BlackBerry 8700, BlackBerry 8800, BlackBerry 8100 and BlackBerry 8320 to Vietnam this October. The 4,000 devices on the way will be the first shipment Vietnam sees, and Veittel is lined up to be the sole distributer in the long run. We actually get quite a few Vietnamese readers on BBCool, so it’s good news for them. Mobifone is in a close race with Viettel for cellular subscribers, but an exclusive BlackBerry deal could be the tiebreaker that puts Viettel in the lead.

(via cellular-news)

  • u saw
    I have been waiting BB for Vietnam for so long. When BB will arrive and BB is really support by viettel network? Where can I buy BB?
  • Gunnar
    I like to know where i can buy land or farm in vietnam.
  • Chris Schuster
    When/where can I buy? Thanks.
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