Bounty out for location-based profiles app

BountyVarious Nokia handset enjoy a little function that automatically changes the calling profile (vibrate, quiet, etc.) based on your GPS location and the time, which fellow blogger Gordon Dewis would love to see on his BlackBerry Curve so much that he’s putting $50 out there for anyone willing to cook the app up. Personally, I think anyone who made something like this could make a hell of a lot more than $50 after putting it up on Handango and MobiHand… Some of the features needed include…

1. the last-known location as determined from the GPS using proximity to a waypoint (eg: “when I am within 200m of this location, use the Quiet profile”).
2. GSM cell ID (eg: “when I am ‘here’, use the Loud profile”).
3. time of day/day of week ranges (eg: weekdays between 0900 and 1700, use the Normal profile).

This sounds like a great project for any budding coders, or even more established ones looking for a quick distraction. Of course, there may be some difficulties in automating the profile-changing process that I might not know about. Any devs out there think this app is doable? Anyone else who would like to see this come to life can chip into the bounty via Paypal (paypal AT dewis DOT ca with “BlackBerry bounty” in the comments).

(via Gordon Dewis)

4 Responses to “Bounty out for location-based profiles app”

  1. 1 Adam

    It doesn’t even have to use GPS for me to be happy. Windows Mobile has a setting to change the profile based on your calendar. If your calendar shows you are busy (i.e. in a meeting) it changes your profile to Meeting. Then back to Normal when your calendar is free.

  2. 2 Peter Cranstone

    Already done.

    How about real time GPS enabled search inside the browser for Blackberry and also real time “tracking” (if the correct permissions are set) via GPS - all Blackberry compatible.

    Check out this link:,Kevin,Liz - shows we’re Peter, Liz and Kevin are in real time. Mash up courtesy of Yahoo Mobile maps.

    Alternatively you can just build your own cool web service that uses GPS - getting the data from the device is easy and uses the above plug-in (



  3. 3 Justin Zero

    I’d say it’s worth more than $50, Google just awarded one of it’s Android prizes ($275,000) to an app design that does just that. Check

    Unfortunatly, it’s only for Android so far.

  4. 4 adam

    If you’re gonna do it right, be sure it can manage your connections. Would be sweet if it could turn your wifi on/off for work or home…or turn your Bluetooth when you got to your car.

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