Digg goes mobile

The biggest social bookmarking website out there, Digg, is now mobile, and accessible at m.digg.com. From there you can scope out the top stories, digg ‘em, access your account and check out the profiles of other commenters. A pretty solid start, but it’s weird that you can’t comment from the mobile site, or digg comments. What would be really nice is if a mobile app were made that added the digg option from your BlackBerry Browser menu, but that’s just crazy-talk. Still cool, and don’t forget, you can check out Diggnation and other awesome Revision3 shows on your BlackBerry at m.revision3.com.

(via BerryReview)

2 Responses to “Digg goes mobile”

  1. 1 JerryD

    Is it just my overbloated BlackBerry, or is this mobile site locking up any one else’s BlackBerry?

    First time I tried the site I gave up after watching the hourglass for 10 minutes. This time I just left it alone, and got a Java Out Of Memory crash after about 15 minutes of waiting to try to log in.

    What’s up Digg?

  2. 2 JonV

    I had to use Opera Mini to view the page correctly. The Blackberry Browser doesn’t render the page like the screenshots. I see more mobile sites favoring the iphone than any other device.

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