Du launches BlackBerry service in UAE

DuAnnounced back in back in May, Du’s BlackBerry service has finally gone live after government approval and is now available in the United Arab Emirates. There’s quite the BlackBerry lineup for Du, including the BlackBerry 8100 for AED 1,799.00, the BlackBerry 8300 for AED 1,880.00, the BlackBerry 8700 for AED 1,350.00 and the BlackBerry 8800 for AED 2,199.00. It’s a solid start for an inaugural launch and shows that Du is clearly throwing their chips in with RIM in order to take on the current leading carrier, Etisalat. It’ll be tough going, but we certainly know what it’s like in Canada to not have much in the way of competition.

(via cellular-news)

2 Responses to “Du launches BlackBerry service in UAE”

  1. 1 Magnus

    Cool, finally here. Taking on Etisalat is tough indeed, especially when government says you can’t compete on price. But I’m glad they have Berry too now so now all we need is a good, unlimited 3G plan for our berries, especially if the existing unlimited plans don’t cover 3G traffic with Bold.

  2. 2 DavidB

    You would think a new service would launch with current devices? Why such an ancient lineup? Doesn’t bode well for seeing a Bold let alone any other new device any time soon.

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