HSBC sticking to BlackBerry

Word has it that HSBC won’t be making that jump to iPhone reported last week. Australian CIO Brenton Hush had made some commentary regarding the possibility of an iPhone rollout, which didn’t really say “no”, but a lot of people took as “maybe”. A few calls to HSBC revealed that “there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell” that the some 200,000-odd BlackBerrys currently deployed internationally would be ousted in favour of the iPhone 3G. Good thing for RIM, because that’s a pretty big contract to lose to the competition.

(Internetnews via Pinstack)

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  1. 1 Xandrex

    I’m sure it’s an underground marketing campaign from RIM… They must have promised some handheld upgrades at low price for HSBC.

    “Say? iPhone really gonna replace Blackberry… not”

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