“Nevermind the BlackBerry Bold, Kickstart’s where it’s at”: Analyst

BlackBerry Bold

RBC’s Michael Abramsky is encouraging investors to look beyond the BlackBerry Bold as an indicator of RIM’s future progress, citing the BlackBerry 8200 (Kickstart) and BlackBerry 9500 (Thunder) as the big things to be looking forward to.

Abramsky considers ‘concerns over BlackBerry Bold’s pricing, features vs. iPhone 3G as overdone,’ arguing that the Bold is ‘an evolutionary 3G Blackberry targeted at upgraders and prosumers/business users while the iPhone 3G is a consumer-focused device targeted at media-centric
Smartphone consumers.’

The ongoing iPhone 3G comparison is a little bit off - we definitely felt more at home putting the BlackBerry 9000 against the Nokia E71. The real head-butting won’t come between Apple and RIM, Abarmsky argues, but rather between the two of them and Nokia and Motorola. They are the bigger fish in the consumer pond, and could easily become targets as RIM and Apple gain traction in that market. Abramsky’s holding an ‘outperform’ rating for RIM’s stock with a $165 price target.

(via Barron’s)

5 Responses to ““Nevermind the BlackBerry Bold, Kickstart’s where it’s at”: Analyst”

  1. 1 DavidB

    I guess I sorta agree with him. All this talk for months comparing iPhone and Bold has been pure silliness. They are TOTALLY different devices that were developed for TOTALLY different markets. The fact that they are both coming out around the same time and both have 3G (and problematic 3G at that!) is REALLY the only similarity.

    Thunder is the RIM answer to iPhone. And Kickstart is the RIM answer to “cheap TMO flips”.

  2. 2 Bryan
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