New Beta of Viigo available!

The latest update to Viigo has come around, featuring Olympics and 2008 Elections channels built in. This version lets you check out upcoming competitions, medal results, as well as state-by-state polling results and news right on your BlackBerry. Before you ask, no, podcasts aren’t up and running yet, but stick around, the feature is well underway. Viigo is a free, lightweight app for your BlackBerry that lets you access RSS feeds, weather, sports, stock information and plenty more. If you haven’t tried it yet, go ahead and grab the classic RSS reader here! For the new beta, head to on your BlackBerry’s browser.

4 Responses to “New Beta of Viigo available!”

  1. 1 Nan Palmero

    Ah Viigo, one of my favorite tools to use for ignoring people I don’t want to talk to. :)

  2. 2 scott

    I love Viigo. Even the betas are lightweight enough to grab tons of ‘news’ with minimal effort. But why do I get the news of update to Viigo in blackberry cool first, and not from the Viigo bulletin rss feed?!?

  3. 3 BlackBerry Cool


    it’s because we rule! And we’re hardcore Viigo users =D

  4. 4 netposer

    Updated and now I can’t open Viigo. It opened the first time with the EULA but after that it disappeared. Now it does nothing when I attempt to open it.

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