New BlackBerry Pearl colours coming to T-Mobile

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Three shiny new shades of BlackBerry 8120 are coming to T-Mobile in the near future: tahitian green, indigo and light blue. We’ve seen the indigo before, but if these mock-ups are close to the real deal, then I could see that green one doing pretty well. Of course the BlackBerry 8220 and BlackBerry Javelin are on the way to T-Mobile as well. The flip BlackBerry previously known as the Kickstart will also be available in a variety of colours (we’ve seen it in blue and red so far) and shipping with OS 4.6 - expect it on shelves around late September for $50 with contract. As ever, the BlackBerry Javelin, looking like a Bold/Curve hybrid and shipping with OS 4.6.1, should be coming out late November on T-Mobile. That’s a lot of new stuff coming down the pipes for T-Mobile before the end of the year, but the lack of 3G on the Javelin and the potential for the touchscreen-packing BlackBerry Thunder to be coming out on Verizon in the same time frame might make it a tough call for some buyers.

(via BlackBerry News)

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