Official BlackBerry OS 4.6 features

OS 4.6

Curious to know what exactly you’re missing with the BlackBerry Bold? RIM’s Knowledge Base is now listing the official new features in device software 4.6. Nothing hugely new (that Q hotkey for the vibrate profile is nice to know, and switching to Bluetooth headset mid-call is nifty), but now we’ve got all the updates in one spot.

(via RIMarkable)

New BlackBerry Device Software 4.6 features and enhancements

  • Wi-Fi technology enhancements
  • Switch to a paired Bluetooth enabled device during a call
  • Music icon
  • Clock application
  • Multimedia enhancements
    • Support for inline video streaming in the Browser application
    • Improved full screen picture preview screen
    • Open the Camera application from the Video Camera application
    • Video Camera application accessible from the Camera icon
    • All Pictures option
    • Viewing songs in an automatic playlist
  • Browser enhancements
    • Attachment download via the Browser application
    • Richer browsing experience
  • Setup wizard reminder
  • Unique icons for meeting requests in the message list
  • Check spelling as you type
  • Enhanced Short Message Service (SMS) text message user interface
  • Support for reverse contrast
  • Enhanced icon discoverability
    • Grid Layout field
    • Visual focus indicator
  • Delete Applications from BlackBerry (from Home screen)
  • Default theme (Precision Zen) support summary

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