UPDATE: Rogers BlackBerry Bold coming August 19th, but launching without UMA

UPDATE: Woah! Just got an update from our friend Fake Ted Rogers, who tells us that the Rogers BlackBerry Bold will be out on August 19th. So it looks like Canadians are a lucky 13 days away from Bold goodness.

More news on BlackBerry releases keeps flowing out of Rogers today. In addition to the BlackBerry Kickstart BlackBerry Pearl 8220 sales info, we were also able to get our hands on some BlackBerry Bold copy. While both pricing and release date are still unconfirmed, leading us to stick to our claim of $250 on a 3 year contract, we can tell you that the Bold will be released on Rogers without UMA support - initially.

Theses are exciting times for the BlackBerry Nation! So many new devices, coming out so soon! Check a handy BlackBerry Bold/8820/8310 comparison chart after the jump.

Special thanks to Mike for the shout out!

15 Responses to “UPDATE: Rogers BlackBerry Bold coming August 19th, but launching without UMA”

  1. 1 j.p. michaels

    I believe it when I can hold it in my Hands!!!
    By the way August 19…… which year???

  2. 2 Aaron

    It’ll probably be 349.99 at launch, like the 8820.

  3. 3 Michelle

    Excuse my ignorance but what is UMA?

  4. 4 Michelle

    I just googled it so what does it mean not at launch will you be able to later without changing phones for the UMA? and does it make a huge difference?

  5. 5 ray nicolini

    I was tols from A inside hq employee that it will be august 12-14, keep fingers crossed

  6. 6 fijianbrownguy

    UMA is where u can use ur home network to place calls as long as u configure it to ur router, so when u enter ur house or get in range then it will switch over to ur home network instead of the Rogers Network

    But with Rogers the only way it will work if u set up a side plan for it ..its like 10 bucks for unlimited calling or something, i could be wrong with the prices

    I’m not mistaken u still can use wifi internet and not be charged anyhing against ur plan because Rogers has no way of charging for it unless ur in those hotspot areas or watever

  7. 7 Michelle

    thanks i dont even know if Id be able to set that up myself lol thanks hun =]

  8. 8 fijianbrownguy

    lol the only thing i would want with the wifi is the internet really …lol

  9. 9 Michelle

    hmm so it says its not with the launch that UMA but does that mean the unit will not beable to do it at when they choose to do it or will you have to upgrade your phone?? Sorry I just need a new phone and this looks the most promising

  10. 10 John

    Yeah Yeah we’ve heard “Official” dates in the past two months and they all said “credible insider” .. not holding breathe on this one either.

  11. 11 DJB

    My Rogers contact says the street will see it Aug 24.

  12. 12 DJB

    Errr…. 25th

  13. 13 James

    You have got to be kidding me! The whole point of my holding out for the BOLD was for UMA, as well I needed a new blackberry. I guess once it is released I will have to find out if it will be software upgradable or not.

  14. 14 Mike Bloom

    My rogers rep is going to be posting a bunch of the Blackberry Bolds for sale on August 19th at http://www.shopandsave.com

  15. 15 Dave

    Official: August 21st. Just got the Rogers e-mail.

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