Rogers offers new BES data plan, still has that familiar feeling (‘Cool Deals?)

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One might say that feeling is located somewhere in the posterior region of Rogers subscribers. We recently tipped you off to a Rogers deal that would provide SMBs with a free BES for 15 new Rogers subscriptions, and now we’re letting you know that Rogers is offering a new data plan for BES users, whereby you receive a whopping 300MB of data for the low, low price of $45/month!

But can this really be constituted as a ‘Cool Deal? My first reaction upon seeing this was, “Well, it’s cheaper than the previous plan of 25MB for $60.” It’s also well known that enterprise customers frequently get the short stick in pricing compared to consumers, but this may be beyond the pale. Right now, until August 31st, Rogers BlackBerry subscribers can upgrade their consumer plan to 6GB for $30/month. If anyone can explain the schism between the pricing, other than ‘Rogers can get away with it,’ please post a comment below.

Detailed information on Rogers new BES data plan for BlackBerry

  • Nic
    Are you telling me that I do not need to change to BES if I have the BIS 6G plan
    What do I need to do to make my corparate account work on BIS 6G plan???
  • David
    Got on the 6GB $30 plan and my BES stopped working. It cannot deliver the message to my device. Called helpdesk and they could not do anything for me.

    Guess I will have to live with BIS
  • Chris
    As do I. :)
    I sent a letter to their legal department about the misrepresentation on their website a week or two ago and spent an insurmountable amount of time on the phone getting bounced up the chain. They never officially conceded to anything in return, but I did find that my BES connection to work started functioning properly all of a sudden.

    I'll be checking my bills closely to see if they've tried to pull a fast one, but hopefully the 6GB with corporate access in place properly.

    Just thought I'd share that with others who were looking to take advantage of BES and were being told 'no.'
  • Chris,

    Good eyes. Here's the deal. If you sign up for the 6GB as a regular consumer, you CAN in fact have that account changed to a corporate account (pretty much any informed employee at a Rogers store will tell you that), it just requires a bit of effort.

    However, no corporate Rogers rep will tell you that you can do this, and will even fight you to the bone if you try to get it done.

    Trust us, we have experience with this. =D
  • Chris
    If you look closely at the 6GB plan details that they offer for both the blackberry and the iPhone (, you'll see this point:

    " - Data Service Plans deliver e-mail plus corporate calendar and contacts to your wireless device" is listed as part of the plan benefits.

    Email aside, and correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this a function of BES (Wireless corporate calendars and contacts)?

    Wouldn't it be considered false advertising if on this plan you don't get the ability to have your "corporate" calendars and contacts "delivered wirelessly" to your device?

    Seems like arguing semantics, but its confusing to people who sign up with the 6GB plan with these features listed, only to be told that they cannot actually have their corporate calendars and contact delivered wirelessly. The plan also does not "give you full functionality of your device at an affordable price" (that's another feature in the list that isn't truly delivered).

    It also doesn't mention BES anywhere on the page, or clarify what BIS actually is.

    What do you guys think?
  • Steve
    I've been in discussions with my supplier in regards to the seemingly limited data rates of the BES plans compared to BIS.

    The answer I received was that BIS users access the Internet directly. With BES, access to the Internet goes through your BES server. The Blackberry client connects to BES and the BES retrieves the page from the Internet. reformats it for the Blackberry, and sends it back to to the client at up to 6x compression. Therefore BIS users will use significantly more data than their BES counterparts doing exactly the same things.

    Comparing regular Rogers rates, at 6x compression a 1GB BES plan is roughly equivalent to a 6GB BIS plan and both cost $100/m
  • Hawk99
    You guy's are right, i was on the $40 for 7Mb. My fault for not being thorough. Anyway, good news, and a lot more data for an extra $5 bucks!
  • sansaman
    For 6gb BIS, it is 36 month term only. But for the rest of the plans, they can be put on monthly versions, that is why they can get away with it.
  • Hawk,

    I think you might want to check the fine print again. If you're a Rogers customer, it's more likely that you have the 7MB for $40 plan, rather than 7GB.

    Some people in our office have that plan, and boy do they not like it!
  • Aaron
    Hawk99: Are you in Canada?
  • Hawk99
    Ok, now I am confused. Just 2 weeks ago I upgraded to a $40/month for 7Gb plan which supports BES.
    Where is that on the list?
  • Lewis

    I was on the $65/25MB plan until last week, when I switched to the $30/6GB plan.

    Sure, I lost BES and have had to settle with measly BIS. But after a week, I don't really notice it anymore. I used lookup occasionally (and really, if I could spell the name of the person I wanted to email at work who is not in my address book, firstname.lastname@companyname isn't all too hard to figure out). Also, no intranet, but then again, trying to view any web content on the Pearl 8100 screen was usually pointless.

    Here's what I gained without BES: html email, delivery and read receipts, 6GB of data for less than half the price, privacy from BES logging every keystroke I make.

    And I work for Rogers!!!
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