Student Starter Pack for back-to-schoolers

StudentDocket and Cram have cleverly paired up to offer a great package to those heading back to school in a few short weeks. After taking a good look at StudentDocket and having been amply impressed by Cram, I can say these two apps are must-haves for any academic that means business. StudentDocket helps you organize classes, assignments, and larger projects in an easily-navigable and clean interface, while Cram lets you create your own quizzes for on-the-go testing. Sharpen your pencils, charge your BlackBerry, and head on over here to grab the Student Starter Pack for a mere $25. Just remember, the you only have until August 31st. to enjoy the deal.

(via Metroberry)

2 Responses to “Student Starter Pack for back-to-schoolers”

  1. 1 Meredith

    Isn’t Student Docket the same as what used to be called StudentBerry?

  2. 2 Simon Sage

    Yep! StudentBerry got renamed recently.

  1. 1 Cram v.1.1 Reviewed! | BlackBerry Cool

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