Telus getting the BlackBerry Thunder?

While it’s not a far shot that Canadian carrier Telus would get the upcoming touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder, a financial analyst’s off-hand commentary shouldn’t be taken as hard and fast evidence. Still, the prospect of someone other than Verizon and Vodafone packing the BlackBerry 9500 is pretty appealing… Current rumours are pointing to a mid-October release date on Verizon, so we can expect something in the same time frame for Canada. Bell might be left in the dark for this one, but only time will tell…

(via CB)

2 Responses to “Telus getting the BlackBerry Thunder?”

  1. 1 Brodys2

    this is great news can’t wait saving my pennies now….

  2. 2 Nuss

    Actually. Rogers lost the bid for the Thunder. They won the bid for the bold. Nice try though .

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