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The folks behind the BlackBerry IM client EQO are getting pumped for the Olympics and are giving away $50-worth of service credit every day, as well as taking names for the grand prize at the end of the events: a BlackBerry of your choice. All you have to do is subscribe to Olympic news through their mobile app, vote on your favourite of three stories daily, and your name is in the draw. Keep voting every day from August 8th through 24th. to increase your odds and to team up with other voters from your country. The top three voting countries will each get a medal on the EQO website, with flags waving high. EQO managed to slip our radar for the big BlackBerry IM Client Review, but expect an update soon with our impressions. While I’m not sure that little yellow dudes with pupils that dilated would ever make it past the Olympic drug test, I’d happily take a free BlackBerry from ‘em - go ahead and get started at, then sign up for the contest.

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