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Vodafone to give away BlackBerry Storm 9500 via info site


Vodafone UK has upped the ante on the ‘carriers publishing sign-up pages for unannounced BlackBerrys’ war by offering a free BlackBerry Storm 9500 for those who sign up for more information. There’s no more information on Vodafone’s site about the BlackBerry Storm, but we can tell you that if you win, you’re one unlock code away from being a very happy Rogers/T-Mobile/AT&T subscriber.

Vodafone BlackBerry Storm Site

(via BGR)

BlackBerry Storm 9500 specs

Rogers BlackBerry Bold drops to $299 October 1st


Oh jeez, all those Rogers BlackBerry Bold early adopters just got RickRolled iPhone’d. No more than 6 weeks after initial launch, Rogers will be dropping the price of the BlackBerry Bold from $399.99 on a three-year contract to $299.99 on a three-year contract.

While it’s hard to look a cheaper Bold in the mouth (especially with the reduced Rogers data plans coming the same day), I know there are a lot of Rogers BlackBerry users asking ‘why now?’ Are BlackBerry Bolds not selling as briskly as Rogers would like. Does this have something to do with the ‘hero campaigns’ Jim Balsillie mentioned during RIM’s investors conference call?

Maybe the most important question: if enough Rogers subscribers complain, will they get a refund? Post a comment and let us know what you think.

BlackBerry Storm Update: Verizon dummy models appear, Telus and Bell in bidding war


Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530

Another day, another bundle of BlackBerry Storm 9530 news. Today, we have screenshots of a BlackBerry Storm dummy phone, taken at a Verizon Wireless store. Apparently these dummy devices were sent out to Verizon dealerships over a week ago. CrackBerry Forums user BBerry, who snapped the pics, said that the device was quite heavy, but that the haptic touchscreen seemed to work fairly well, being much easier to push in than he expected. You can see the rest of BBerry’s photos after the jump.

Meanwhile, for those above the 49th parallel, Engadget Mobile is reporting that Bell and Telus are still in a heated bidding war over who will get BlackBerry Storm 9530 exclusivity in Canada. While we had told you last week that Bell had ripped exclusivity out of Telus’ hands with a large bundle of cash, it appears as though Telus has responded with a similar bundle, and RIM has as of yet been unable to choose to dance with the one they brought or the one by the punch bowl. Either way, they’re walking away with a nice cash grab for their first touchscreen BlackBerry.

(via CB Forums, Engadget Mobile)

BlackBerry Storm 9530 dummy shots

OtterBox BlackBerry Bold cases now available


otterbox blackberry bold defender cases

Regular readers of BlackBerry Cool will know that we’re big fans of the OtterBox BlackBerry cases. Today is a great day for OtterBox users who have already moved on to the BlackBerry Bold: OtterBox has now officially released BlackBerry Bold Defender Series cases! Expect our full review to come soon, but if they’re anything like previous OtterBox cases, they’ll be well worth the $50 pricetag.

BlackBerry Bold Defender Series Cases

AT&T BlackBerry Bold launch party website appears


AT&T BlackBerry Bold Launch Party

More encouraging news for AT&T subscribers today. In addition to the October 26th Best Buy launch date, AT&T has now posted a registration page for six different BlackBerry Bold launch parties, running from October 15th to the 30th.

So take heart, AT&T subscribers. It looks like you should have your BlackBerry Bold before halloween!

AT&T BlackBerry Bold Launch Party Registration

Gary Krakow hates the BlackBerry Scrollball


Gary Krakow, Senior Technology Correspondent for is a man on a mission. In love with his BlackBerry 8820, which he has used for six months, Krakow is steaming mad that his BlackBerry’s scrollball no longer works. Interviewing his own IT people, Krakow discovers that the majority of the BlackBerrys used at last about a month before having to be sent back for repairs. Stating that this is a “wake up call for the entire industry” (uh, Gary, how many other smartphone manufacturers do you know that use scroll balls?), Krakow demands that RIM offer the ability to remove and clean the BlackBerry scrollball similar to the old PC mice used in the mid-nineties.

My first thought upon watching this video was, “gee, the people at TheStreet have really dirty hands.” While BBCool HQ has run across the occasional sticky scrollball, our problems are nothing like those of Mr. Krakow and friends. To be fair, BlackBerry support document really doesn’t offer any significant advice on how to deal with the problem, but Gary, there’s a huge difference between the functionality of a $20 mouse and an $800 smartphone! So here’s a protip from us to you: gently wet your thumb before rolling the scrollball. Any unwanted dirt will stick to the moisture on the ball, making it much easier to remove.

To all our IT friends out there, I pose a question: does your company face a similar problem with BlackBerry scrollballs? Inquiring minds want to know.