87% of smartphone users sleep with their BlackBerry

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Sleeping Lady

After eating, sleeping and showering with my BlackBerry Bold while in San Francisco for CTIA, this news isn’t much of a surprise. A new survey by Sheraton Hotels indicates 87% of smartphone users bring the devices into their bedrooms, and 84% check them before going to bed and as soon as they wake up.

While one may chalk these statistics up to the growing number of people who use their as their primary timekeeping device (thank you, Bedside Mode), the omnipresence of BlackBerrys in our life can be startling.

Eighty-five percent of business travelers say they sneak a quick peek at their personal digital assistants if they happen to wake in the middle of the night, and 80 percent check their e-mail before they’ve had their morning coffee, the new study by Sheraton Hotels found.

More than a third of those surveyed - 35 percent - said if forced to make a choice, they’d stick with their PDA over their spouse, and 62 percent said that they love their little high-tech companions.

Does this survey represent the average BlackBerry user? The survey questioned 6,500 professionals who make more than $50,000 a year, take two or more annual business trips and have a BlackBerry or mobile e-mail device. Post a comment and let us know if you fall into that demographic, and where you take your BlackBerry.

(via New York Post)

  • Thomas
    I'm an elected public official and many of the crackberry addictions mentioned above were mine. After reading all of this, though, I've started to set my blackberry to "phone only" at night and may think of turning it off to automatically turn on in the morning (but I like to know that I can receive an emergency phone call). I've definitely stopped checking (OK, most of the time) if I get up at night.
  • Sheldon
    Listen folks I've reached to the ponit that I don't even leave my BB on the night stand anymore it's in the bed with me,I don't leave the room without it I travel about four to five times a year on business and my BB is the only companion I have it wakes me up and it plays music for me to fall asleep, it keeps me on time and does not argue when I'm not.so I am one of you and yes I am addicted to my BB.
  • Changos
    I fall into this category, I wake up to my blackberry, check mail, read news; then go take a shower. I have my BB with me all the time, I use it for facebook, rss, web, work email, gmail for personal stuff, take pictures, show pictures, music. If it had more features I would probably use those as well, I am completely hooked on this. Right before I go to bed, I check it, set my wakeup alarm, hook it up to the charger, and off to sleep.
  • Vinod
    I couldn't agree more ! I check my BB everytime I wake up at night. Infact I can't decide whether I check my BB because of the fact that I wake up at night, or the other way round !!!
    This becomes even more relevant since I am based in India and most of our partners are in the US.
    I am happy (in a twisted way) to note that there are more people like me "sleeping" with their Blackberry !
  • Rubens
    Yeppers, I most definitely fall into this demographic. Describes my exact routine.
  • cnb
    TinTin said it best, guess that's why they call it a "crackberry"!
  • TinTin
    This is soooooo me. I literally have my BB with me WHEREVER i go! I'm not kidding.

    You name it - while eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner that I'm not occupied by something else, I go on my BB; while in the bathroom doing business or in the shower (of course, it can't go in the shower stall); even while at home either going upstairs/downstairs/going to another room; and even to bed. In fact, I sleep with it on my bed. It doesn't lay on the nightstand next to me, it lays on my bed next to my head.

    I am on my BB every minute that I'm not doing anything else important. I check mail and go on the internet throughout the day. And if I'm having a hard time falling asleep, I go on my BB. None of that reading a book, or watching tv to help fall asleep. And when I wake up and don't have to rush getting up, I go on my BB to do the same thing all over again.

    We are inseparable! =)
  • Aaron
    I checked my blackberry at night, then I have weird dreams of events that may have happened in the next day. Very comfusing
  • Stewart
    Yep. I do FB last thing, and use the BB alarm to get me up.
  • Frank
    Well, I don't really have a choice, considering my BB is my alarm clock. I do switch it to "Phone Only" at night though. I learned my lesson after getting woken up at all times of night because of useless Facebook/MSN/Twitter/Flickr alerts.
  • terrill
    Hey Blackberry World I am a barber in the East Bay Area of Northern California and a habitual RSS feed reader on my Blackberry. I sleep with, eat with, and just about anything else with my Blackberry Curve never to far from reach. Whenever I'm not with a client I find myself with head hunched over, fully englufed in my crackberry addiction.
  • addictedtoBB
    This is me all the way! I think my boyfriend may leave me over it. But, I must have my BB with me at all times.
  • Kristy
    I have it turn off around midnight, every night and it sits next to me on a table while I sleep, but my other phones sat there as well. And it turns on at six, and when I wake I check my emails. I also use it at the gym, at work, out and about, all over the place.

    And I work as a sales assoc at The UPS Store, so I don't have those jobs. Heck, I hid it in my bra at my bff's wedding. When at home, it sometimes sit up on my chest, so I know its close.

  • Nan Palmero
    I certainly fall into this demographic. In fact, I take my BlackBerry to church to use Twitterberry. We do twitter in church and it is projected on screen.
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