BlackBerry Storm 9530 talking points slip (Update: now with video)

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The Verizon leaks just keep on coming as our boys over at CrackBerry have scored the BlackBerry Storm 9530 announcement video displayed internally to VZW employees on the Minute with Mike show. You can see the full video after the jump or by clicking the link below.

BlackBerry Storm 9530 internal video

A friendly reader just sent us the same talking points that the kids at Engadget posted from Verizon’s Minute with Mike internal event today. Relevant info? We can confirm a 3.2 MPx camera, visual voicemail, EV-DO and GSM for World Phone capability, and… Oh yes “RIM’s highest resolution screen ever.” After using the BlackBerry Bold for about a month, I can’t wait to see how much better the Storm’s screen will be.

While nothing official looks to be announced officially today, keep hitting just in case and we’ll see what else drops in our inbox.

Thanks for the tip Jay!

verizon blackberry storm talking points

  • Yul
    Look at that bizarre Storm info from Vodafone UK:

    ÂżMaybe is an Apple Blackberry?

  • Kyle
    Video is down.
  • Heh, I don't know what you're talking about. =D

    I blame the YouTubes. At least it was a Verizon video and not the 'Leave Brittany Alone' guy.
  • Simon Sage
    Wrong video, buddy.
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