MyGlobalTalk offers cheap BlackBerry VoIP calls (CTIA Hangover)

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A reality of every technology conference is that news gets missed, and this year’s CTIA was no different. Ironically, we missed meeting up with the boys and girls of I2 Telecom not because of general conference business, but poor scheduling on my end. When I saw I2’s press release hit the wires today, I was immediately reminded just how excited I was to see their MyGlobalTalk service.

Put simply, MyGlobalTalk is a VoIP application that allows you to talk to friends and family oversees on the cheap through the magic of the Internet. Requiring only a single call and rates as low as 2 cents per minute, MyGlobalTalk sounds like a winner, even while in beta.

Look for more about MyGlobalTalk on BlackBerry Cool in the future. For now, go to for more information.

  • Imran Malik
    Voice over Internet Protocol has been around since many years. But due to lack of sufficient and affordable bandwidth it was not possible to carry carrier grade voice over Internet Protocol. But since the arrival of low cost internet bandwidth and new speech codecs such as G.729, G.723 which utilizes very low payload to carry carrier class voice it has recently been possible to leverage the true benefits of VoIP. G.723 codec utilizes only 6 Kbps (Kilo Bytes/sec) which is capable of maintaining a constant stream of data between peers and deliver carrier grade voice quality. Lets put this way if you have 8 Mbps internet connection, by using G.723 codec you can run upto 100 telephone lines with crystal clear and carrier grade voice quality. I am also a user of VoIP and have setup a small PBX at home. Since I have discovered VoIP I have never used traditional PSTN service.
  • Tdburn
    I'm still confused about how exactly this works. At first I thought it would use the data plan on my BB but nothing is said about that on their website. So how does this work? Does it count against my minutes?
  • paul
    you have to dial an access number, then dial number you'd like to call.

    not true voip from bb data.

    have you found a true voip from bb data? i haven't located one.
  • Andrew
    Is this a true VoIP application, or merely a system that connects your calls using VoIP, but still phones you the regular way to connect the call?
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