Three new BlackBerry Pearl 8120 Colors coming October 15th

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Remember the huge rainbow of upcoming BlackBerry Pearl and Curve device colors we showed you way back in August? The Boy Genius is reporting that three of those colors: Frost, Black Emerald and Indigo will appear on AT&T in the form of BlackBerry Pearl 8120s October 15th.

A little fun just in time for Halloween? Think again. This trilogy of Pearls is likely being launched by AT&T to take away some of the sting of T-Mobile’s BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 launch. Check out the full palette after the jump and post a comment to tell us which is your favorite color.

(via Boy Genius)

BlackBerry Pearl Colors

  • Ruth
    Wow - where can you get hold of one of those bright neon yellow/green ones? Can you buy a housing in that color and just replace the regular 8120 color housing you already have?
  • Anastasia Faradina Sadikun
    How to order the emerald black BlackBerry Curve?

    Anastasia Faradina Sadikun
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