T-Mobile expands 3G coverage to 13 cities

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Good news today for T-Mobile subscribers hoping that one day their carrier will support 3G BlackBerrys. T-Mobile has announced the expansion of its 3G coverage to 13 major markets as well as the signing of backhaul agreements to cope with the increased traffic across its network. T-Mobile’s 3G network is currently available across 13 major metropolitan markets: Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami, Minneapolis, New York (including northern New Jersey and Long Island), Phoenix, Portland, San Antonio and San Diego.

T-Mobile also confirmed that it was on track to expand its 3G service to 27 major markets in the United States by the end of 2008, with Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Orlando, Philadelphia, Sacramento, San Francisco and Seattle coming by mid-October and n additional six markets — Birmingham, Denver, Detroit, Kansas City, Memphis and Tampa — available before the end of the year. This would expand T-Mobile 3G services to more than two-thirds of T-Mobile’s current data customers, with meaningful expansion to additional customers and markets through 2009.

So what do you think, folks? Do you think 2009 in a reasonable time line to see 3G BlackBerrys like the Bold on T-Mobile? Post a comment and let us know.

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  • marion
    My contract is up in a couple months...I love my Blackberry and would love to stay with T-Mobile (I've been with them for 8+years); however, I am not going to re-up my contract if they don't announce a 3G Blackberry soon. I live in a 3G service area, and the work I do is MUCH easier with that kind of speed. T-Mobile needs to catch up with the times.

    All the great customer service in the world comes to naught if they don't offer the products people want and/or need...especially when other services are offering them!
  • Ben
    what is stopping t-mobible from get and saling the bold now for those that want so we will have the phone when your 3G network is up?
  • tmo_employee
    seriously, if you think t-mobile will have a 3g blackberry anytime soon, just look at their aircard solution for laptops. the sony ericsson gc89. a p.o.s. pcmcia card that only works on edge on laptops before 2004. unless you get an adapter which means you're looking at an almost $200 edge solution. jesus. i'd be highly surprised if we came out with a 3g blackberry before 2010.
  • mattc
    so if I have a tmobile curve 8320 and only have 1G right now can i get 3G without paying any more

    how can I do this and when will i be able to
  • slvr6
    Why would you want the Bold on Edge when the Javelin is much nicer?
  • Jacob
    2009 better bring the Bold to Tmo, or I'm going to consider jumping ship. Without even a rumored launch date, keeping the faith is getting harder and harder. I dont see why they need to have their network up to 3G prior to the launch. Cant we just have the option of using the Bold on Edge until the transition is over???
  • Stephen
    I wish RIM would've included 1700Mhz 3G in the Bold already :-(
  • Ray Bilyk
    I hope so. I want a BB Bold here in Detroit, but I don't want to leave T-Mobile to get it.
    I can wait. My Pearl is doing the job so far.
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