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When you’re Canadian Business Magazine and you want to sell some issues, it helps to put the most recognizable Canadian CEO on the cover. The September 29th issue has RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie front and center, with an interview discussing why the Kitchener-Waterloo area is the best place to do business in Canada (The issue is a “Top 40 Canadian Cities For Business” feature; the KW placed first and our very own Ottawa made the Top Ten). Here are some highlights from the interview.

On the core strengths of the Waterloo area:

“The core strengths here remain the highly collaborative community, a good quality of life, our technology infrastructure, and exceptional universities with a co-operative framing to education at their core,” says RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie. “What’s become additionally exciting is the ability to make it a critical centre of excellence for new forms of intellectual capital.”

On RIM’s continuing quest to integrate with, improve and establish academic institutions and policy think-tanks, such as the entre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI):

“Intellectual leadership dovetails really nicely with the commercial leadership of RIM,” Balsillie says. “There’s a real yin and yang going on there. As the Chinese would say, one and one is one. It’s all very holistic, complementary and powerful.”

On whether or not Waterloo can handle the boom (RIM has established satellite offices in Mississauga, Ottawa, and Texas, and has outsourced some of its manufacturing to Eastern Europe and Latin America):

“Waterloo is a vibrant and growing community, with a lot of pluses,” Balsillie says, “but there is only so much capacity for Waterloo and the region to absorb. There are a lot of open job positions. Still, an overwhelming majority of our employees are here. And we like it that way. It’s home.”

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Jim Balsillie in Canadian Business September Issue

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