BlackBerry Bold coming to Best Buy October 26th for $679

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BlackBerry Bold Best Buy Release

UPDATE: Berry Reporter has a blurry screenshot that shows a BlackBerry Bold price of $679.99.

Finally we have some good news for our American friends who want to stab themselves in they eye every time we add another country to the BlackBerry Bolds Around the World map (this just in: add Aruba to the list). It turns out that by October 26th, the United States will be on the map as well!

The Boy Genius has a screen shot of a Best Buy sales system showing a release date of October 26th. Typically, Best Buy receives devices a week or two after their release on AT&T, so it looks like those holding out hope for an early October AT&T BlackBerry Bold release are in luck.

Hang in there, guys and girls, we’re almost home.

(via BGR)

  • Danielle
    Haha ^^ nice, is there a section to follow the RSS feed
  • Karan M
    Hmm .. status is "Deleted". Not sure what that means, but shouldn't it say Active or something? Don't hold your breath!
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