BlackBerry Storm Update: Verizon dummy models appear, Telus and Bell in bidding war


Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530

Another day, another bundle of BlackBerry Storm 9530 news. Today, we have screenshots of a BlackBerry Storm dummy phone, taken at a Verizon Wireless store. Apparently these dummy devices were sent out to Verizon dealerships over a week ago. CrackBerry Forums user BBerry, who snapped the pics, said that the device was quite heavy, but that the haptic touchscreen seemed to work fairly well, being much easier to push in than he expected. You can see the rest of BBerry’s photos after the jump.

Meanwhile, for those above the 49th parallel, Engadget Mobile is reporting that Bell and Telus are still in a heated bidding war over who will get BlackBerry Storm 9530 exclusivity in Canada. While we had told you last week that Bell had ripped exclusivity out of Telus’ hands with a large bundle of cash, it appears as though Telus has responded with a similar bundle, and RIM has as of yet been unable to choose to dance with the one they brought or the one by the punch bowl. Either way, they’re walking away with a nice cash grab for their first touchscreen BlackBerry.

(via CB Forums, Engadget Mobile)

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