AT&T BlackBerry Bold might be coming October 2nd

The latest word from rumor czar the Boy Genius is that AT&T has finally settled on a launch date for the BlackBerry Bold: Thursday, October 2nd, with full store availability by the 6th. BG also states, however, that AT&T stores will be able to order the devices as early as September 24th, raising the question of whether store managers will cave and sell early if they arrive before the 2nd.

Of course, for those who just can’t wait, you could visit, which is selling pre-release AT&T Bolds right now at a fairly high markup OR you could enter CrackBerry’s excellent BlackBerry Unlock Code Contest.

Question of the day friends: can you hold out until October, or do you need a BlackBerry Bold right now?

(via BGR)

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  1. 1 Price Drop

    One week only and the price has dropped a ton. JUst saw that the website is now selling Bold’s for $1029. Not a steal yet, but since I’ve ready to throw my 3G iPhone out of the window, this may be a good time to jump back in to the world of Blackberry…

    Anyone interested in practically new iPhone?

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