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It seems like every day brings with it a new BlackBerry Bold launch announcement, with today being no exception. To get a handle on just how international the BlackBerry Bold has become, the BBCool Crew set to work on building a map representing every country that has launched or will soon launch the BlackBerry Bold. Here’s the rundown of countries, to our best efforts:

North America Canada, Mexico
South America Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela
Europe Austria, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales)
Asia Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore
Australia Australia
Caribbean Dominican Republic, Jamaica

Please forgive us if we’ve forgotten/missed any, but it looks like 25 countries in all. Africa, Asia and the United States (zing!) are the least represented on the map. Thanks for the help, Nan!

  • TMan
    You can add Taiwan to the list now, launched last weekend.
  • wojtas
    in Poland available soon, in Orange Poland and Era GSM (T-mobile)
  • Asen
    Add Bulgaria too ;)
    M-tel launched Bold last week...
  • Keith
    The Bold has also been launched in Trinidad and Tobago by both out cellular providers, Digicel and Bmobile.
  • Martin
    Hi, un Argentina Personal launched bb bold last tuesday
  • Pratik Rawal
    Well BlackBerry Bold has been launched in India also by Airtel on September 18th 2008.

    Please add that in the map too.
  • Stuart
    Bold came out with Orange CH in Switzerland last Thursday. Im lovin it! :)
  • BBWorld Stefano
    man .. italy too ...
  • Alex
    Portugal (next to spain, can you see it?). It's available by vodafone
  • Erdinc
    Add Belgium as well. Available since September:
    Blackberry 9000 (Indy) Qwerty Black for €461
    Blackberry 9000 (Indy) Azerty Black for €519
    End user prices including VAT.
    No plan required, no sim lock, so full price :)
    You do need a data plan of course for the BB functionality.
  • manav arya
    How can you forget india mon! The co ceo was here personally to launch it and also hinted at moving the manufacturing process here.
  • Alexandre
    You can add Switzerland, Orange provide the Bold in all the Orange Shop now.

    And in Swisscom too this week.
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