BlackBerry Javelin 8900 Hands-on impressions

BlackBerry Javelin 8900

Our friend Kevin over at has done it again, this getting his hands on a pre-release BlackBerry Javelin 8900. Kevin hasn’t delved too far into the Javelin’s features yet to offer the final word on the device, but his initial impression as a “Curve on steroids” is encouraging to those who want the power of the BlackBerry Bold in a smaller frame. Here’s a quick summary of the device:

Better display than the BlackBerry Bold. Hard to imagine, but true. The Javelin 8900 has a smaller screen but higher, 480 x 360 pixel resolution.
Improved camera over the Bold. A 3.2 MPx camera, with a class cover protecting the lens and flash Makes the Javelin perfect for shutterbugs.
Keypad resembles the BlackBerry 8700. The navigation buttons are also smaller than the Bold’s and you may be able to change the trackball color to gray or black.
Very different side layout. The right side of the BlackBerry Javelin features a headphone jack and Micro-USB controls in addition to volume controls and convenience key.

Good job Kevin! So are you a Bold man now or pure Javelin?

(via CB)

BlackBerry 8900 “Javelin” Key Features:

* Quad-band radios: GSM/GPRS/EDGE (no 3G)
* Wi-Fi b/g with UMA + GPS in one
* OS 4.6.1, featuring Safe Mode start up
* 480 by 360 high-res HVGA+ display
* 512 MHz Processor
* 256 MB onboard flash memory (more room for apps)
* Hot-swappable microSD slot - located under the battery door
* 3.2MP camera, includes auto-focus
* Glass cover - one piece glass cover will house the camera and flash, providing a very polished look and feel
* Micro USB charging/syncing port, w/ high speed data
* Dedicated Lock Button - will allow easy access to lock / hold the device when not using a holster
* “Sweet Spot” narrow keypad
* Battery Cover features a new easy to use, latch mechanism

33 Responses to “BlackBerry Javelin 8900 Hands-on impressions”

  1. 1 Ty

    Nice, but no 3G ~ DOA for me. Well, looks like I’m dumping RIM & going back to SE with their Xperia X1.

  2. 2 Vygantas

    16 bit color display or?

  3. 3 DavidB

    No way I can go back from 3G. Hopefully either Storm really impresses, or whatever that CDMA device due next spring will have to be it for me.

  4. 4 James

    Why do people keep moaning about the lack of 3G on the Javelin? We’ve known since it’s inception there wasn’t going to be any. So move along.

    For the rest of us who live in places with no 3G, this phone is a godsend.

  5. 5 martin

    3G is useless on the bold cause the hardware/software combo for the browser sucks so bad.
    My Rogers Bold has full 3G coverage in Ottawa, yet the browser is as slow as my 8310 with EDGE. So whats the point? I have 3G and 6GB of data, but rarely use the browser on this phone as its brutally slow.
    Maybe US carriers waiting is a good thing to fix issues rather than Rogers being first with a defective product.

  6. 6 BlackBerry Cool


    What browser options do you have set up? Javascript on or off?
    User agent set to Firefox, IE or BlackBerry?

    If you turn javascript off, many of your problems should go away.

  7. 7 Mike

    There must be a new design for the keyboard as well, the Q and A are swapped as well as the Z and W. haha

  8. 8 BlackBerry Cool

    Actually Mike, what you’re seeing is a French BlackBerry, using the AZERTY standard.

    Possible hint as to where the device is launching…

  9. 9 Kymberlee

    When will it be available? Which carrier?

  10. 10 Chillpilgrim

    One cool mobile device… Can’t wait to lay my hands on this one!

  11. 11 Janeen

    Sounds like all this phone is missing is 3G. I wonder if they’ll have an “upgrade” to the 8900 sometime next year. I like this style better than the Bold’s but a fast internet browser is always an advantage. I REALLY hope they’ll produce an upgrade…if so I’m 100% sold on this phone. In almost 2009 I don’t know why they just don’t make all phones with 3G capability anyway. Once you’re used to having something it’s hard to go backwards.

  12. 12 Katherine


    Unfortunately, I HIGHLY doubt that they would have a 3G over-the-air upgrade to the 8900. You need special hardware to have 3G and the Javelin just doesn’t have it.

    If I was used to 3G though, I wouldn’t get this phone. Would be hard to go back to EDGE. But I’ve never had 3G and T-Mobile doesn’t have it in my area, so what do I have to lose?

    I’m so dropping my cruddy Sidekick come February and getting the Curve 8900.

  13. 13 eli

    i have the javelin and for some reason i cant get pocket mac and my new macbook air to sync !! any ideas why it doesnt work? it went thru and snyced 46 out of 1560 contacts! making me crazzzy!

  14. 14 Amy

    I actually own one of these blackberry javelins and i can honestly say it is fantastic. It is better looking than the older curves and the bold and offers better features. also from what i’ve heard about the storm i wouldn’t hold my breather because by the sounds of it they aren’t all they are cracked up to be. The storm is merely a blackberry with the same problems as the iphone. I am saying this from experience because i work for a cell phone provider.

  15. 15 webterractive

    I own one as well from Rogers AT&T in Canada and it’s an amazing little device, though for some reason there’s a John Mayer video in the media app. Other then the 3G it’s a sweet little device and one I don’t regret getting. I’m coming of an iPhone 3G and this little device ahs really filled that void that my iPhone left.

  16. 16 webterractive

    Correction with the above specs:

    Memory isn’t hot swappable since you have to remove the battery to install it, it’s a Micro SD card.

  17. 17 webterractive

    @eli: Go the Blackberry website and install the new drivers that have been released.

  18. 18 Greg Gebhardt

    I do not give a cr^p about 3G. My Bold’s email does not come thru any faster than my previous EDGE devices. If you want internet the iPhone is for you!

  19. 19 no3G???

    it looks like everything is fine except no 3G, it could post a problem for phone roaming to Japan, Korea….

  20. 20 star asia

    hi…i from indonesia…somebody to know when…BB javelin coming to ind?

  21. 21 blackmangabbin

    I got it and the damn thing is nice.

  22. 22 Tariq

    Hello all
    got my 8900;man! its beautiful. It has all the functions of a curve yet its sexayyyyyyyyyyy!
    one thing i miss in my 8900 is the flash player. RIM has to do something abt it.Its the demand of the day guyz cmon. Heard that Device Software4.6 is getting l;aunched soon.Hope they included flashplayer in it.

  23. 23 phil

    my javelin keeps locking on its own and i caanot find the button to unlock it can you help?

  24. 24 edwin


  25. 25 joe

    hi guys, i have owned both the bold and the curve 8900 and for me the curve is ten times better, i know it lacks 3G but honestly i don’t see the difference from the bold internet speed to the curve’s there’s hardly any if no difference, the bold was to bulky for me so i swapped to the curve and have no regrets! agree with earlier post does lack flash player.

  26. 26 hairysak

    I’m more of a touch screen kind of guy and the curve doesn’t offer it..I’m at this website on my tmobile g1.I ordered the curve for my girlfriend but if someone compares the two and tells me which is better I will make the swap =)

  27. 27 Mindy

    @phil: Javelin has a LOCK button on the top-Left of the device. You probably pushed it accidentally so it locked. Just press the button again to unlock it.
    Anybody know if Javelin has other themes than the basic two that it has right now? I like the theme from the 83xx curve where you can see info from the calendar on the main screen.

  28. 28 Vic

    Hey My girlfriend has a Boldand she can hear a song if I email it to her but Me I got an8900 javelin when I email myself I cannot why is that? FYI I also have a media card.

  29. 29 JK

    good value for money …Javelin is in india too…easy to use and handy

  30. 30 Dalawai

    Please any one can educate me, I bought a blackeberry Javeline. But when i open the box, the manual says it as curve 8900. Please clarify.

  31. 31 Dalawai

    i want to know what is the difference between Javelin 8900 and curve8900. I was impressed with Javelin 8900. please comment.

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