BlackBerry Storm 9530 appears on Verizon’s site

UPDATE 2: Hmmm, now the Minute with Mike internal BlackBerry Storm announcement video that was ‘leaked’ earlier this week is fully available to watch on Verizon’s website. Whoops?

Verizon BlackBerry Storm Minute with Mike video

UPDATE: The site appears to be down now. Looks like another ‘mistake’ by Verizon that has ‘accidentally’ helped to build the hype machine for their upcoming touchscreen BlackBerry.

Not much to say here, as the picture pretty much says it all. Once again we have the promotion of a BlackBerry by a carrier before any official announcement from that carrier or by RIM., previously an empty page, now offers the ability to sign up for email alerts on the nascent BlackBerry Storm 9530. I wonder if the updates will come via official Verizon PR, or through company ‘leaks’.

(via BBSync)

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BlackBerry Cool
September 16th, 2008 at 9:11 pm


Thanks! The gents at BBSync tipped us off, but we ditched a lovely patio dinner early to rush back and get it up.

Bloggin’ ain’t easy!

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