BlackBerry Storm appears in Germany (twice!)

t-mobile blackberry 9500 on website

I’m trying to refrain from making some sort of weather related pun, but it’s hard to deny the steady pour (sigh) of BlackBerry Storm information that has been finding its way on the Internet. Today we have news for our German friends, as both the BlackBerry Storm 9530 and BlackBerry 9500 have made appearances on Vodafone and T-Mobile Germany’s websites.

Vodafone Germany has followed Verizon’s lead and posted a BlackBerry Storm 9530 signup page, where interested parties can submit their email addresses for more information.

T-Mobile Germany hasn’t been as overt in their display of BlackBerry Storm information, but it’s still there. The screen cap above shows that the BlackBerry 9500 has been added to the device model compatibility check list for the T-Mobile’s Mobile Jukebox. Whoops.

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