BlackBerry Storm Blowout: GSM-only version, new 9530 specs, Thunder name dropped? (UPDATE)

UPDATE: The full Verizon National Account Manager Slide Presentation for the BlackBerry Storm 9530 has now been leaked.

With the rumors and official Verizon leaks flying out all over the Internet, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of the latest BlackBerry Storm news. BBCool is here to help with a round-up of the latest and greatest Top Secret news.

First off, our friends at BlackBerry News got their hands on visual confirmation (posted after the jump) of a pure-GSM BlackBerry Storm variant (model number: 9500) heading to Vodafone in Europe. Here’s what can be made out from the super-tiny (but legit) image:

* 7.2 mbps HSDPA/UMTS (2100/1900/850 MHz)
* Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
* 1GB of memory, 192MB RAM
* 1400 mAhr battery. Standby time: 528 hours
* MicroUSB port
* MicroSD and MicroSDHC expandable up to 8GB
* 3.2 megapixel camera, flash, 2.5x digital zoom, auto focus, and image stabilization
* Video capture. Normal mode (480×320) and MMS mode (176×144)
* Assisted GPS - Enhanced version of GPS that performs at a faster speed

In addition, is claiming that we’ll see the BlackBerry 9500 land on Vodafone in the UK before the end of the year, with the BlackBerry Storm label. Previously it was thought that non-Verizon versions of the BlackBerry 95xx series would come with the Thunder moniker, but this may have been dropped.

But wait, there’s more…

New specs for the BlackBerry Storm 9530 (that would be the one coming to Verizon) have been floating around the CrackBerry Forums. These are supposedly “final specs”, so pay close attention to the lack of camera flash, 3G UMTS network bands, and no flash web browsing support.

For Canadians, BlackBerry News has even posted a rumor that Bell has paid a large sum of cash to steal a 6 month device exclusivity out of the hands of CDMA competitor Telus. However, there has yet to be any confirmation of this, so take it with a serious grain of salt.

Final BlackBerry Storm 9530 Specs

EVDO Rev A: (1900/800 MHz)
GSM/GPRS/EDGE: (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
WiFi: None
Size: 112.52 x 62.2 x 13.95 mm
Screen: 3.25 ” HVGA+ 480×360 Multi-touch, Gesture Touch
Battery: 1400mAh
Memory: 1GB flash for media/ 192 meg ram
Camera: 3.2 MP camera, vanity mirror, no flash
Audio: 3.5mm jack, bluetooth stereo, Rhapsody OTA purchase and tethered subscription capable
Browser: Every feature the IPhone safari webkit has, minus support for tabs. No flash support.

22 Responses to “BlackBerry Storm Blowout: GSM-only version, new 9530 specs, Thunder name dropped? (UPDATE)”

  1. 1 Jeremy

    Isn’t it ‘no’ flash and not ‘now’ flash support for the browser?

  2. 2 David rose

    What an unbelievable disappointment from RIM. I can no longer stomach this fanboy frenzy over vapor products that have yet to hit the U.S. market-Bold, Storm, Javelin-that ALREADY cop to being inferior to the world-beating iPhone. The Bold has a physical keyboard! Too bad the browser still blows and is slow. The Storm has haptic touch! Too bad it has no WiFi. The Javelin has smaller form factor! Too bad no 3G. The iPhone, on the other hand, has 3G, GPS, a real touchscreen, an App store with killer business apps coming out each month (DocsToGo being the latest) , a blazing fast browser and a slim and smart form factor. Best of all, it’s actually out in the marketplace. Insiders at RIM are scared and throwing everything they can like spaghetti at the wall, praying something will stick while they thank God that crackberry addicts wet themselves on overhyped leaks about products bound to disappoint profoundly. I like BlackBerry and have a Curve. But the irrational exhuberance on these forums and condescension to the superior iPhone is insane. The iPhone has it’s faults, but it is the only phone out there that truly rules them all as a “all-in-one” device. Too bad RIM didn’t come up with a device that combines the positives of the Bold, Storm and Javelin. Instead the company is showing it’s contempt to their customers here by intentionally piecing upgrades jerky-jerky across several devices-not one of them delivering the “ultimate” BlackBerry experience we all crave. Shame on RIM and on us for encouraging them with our unwarrented patience.

  3. 3 Jeremy

    David, not to say I don’t agree with many of your points, but to complain about irrational fanboism and then defend Apple products is absurd… The apple community practically invented irrational fanboism.

    I’m actually glad they left Wifi out. With more and more unlimited data plans, I’d rather just save on battery life. I quite like the 4.5 browser and it runs good and fast on my EVDO connection. 3G would be nice, I’ll give you that.

    As for the iphone, I’ve used it, and am definitely not convinced that it’s a superior device. The email/communication experience isn’t as solid in my experience. The “killer apps”, certainly aren’t all that killer. I’ve only found 1 or 2 useful apps (meaning ones that I’d keep on my device permanently, and aren’t “toys”), that I can’t find alternatives for. DocsToGo isn’t one of them, by the way.

    I will agree that condescension is uncalled for. But you’re blind if you think that irrational condescension only goes one way. You’re complaining about irrationality and overhypedness and then defending the Apple community? Seriously?

    RIM knows what their CORE market is (Hint: It’s not as an iPhone competitor), and I’m glad they know well enough not to lose it.

  4. 4 BlackBerry Cool


    Good catch! Fixing now.

  5. 5 Joe D

    So your telling me the GSM version has a camera flash and the CDMA one doesn’t!? Why would that do that?

  6. 6 BlackBerry Cool

    @Joe D,

    Yeah, it did seem a little crazy. Thankfully, this post below confirms flash and auto focus:

  7. 7 DavidB

    Your EVDO IS “3G”…

  8. 8 likeabite

    This is going to be my first blackberry so I better love it or I’ll raise hell, lol jk…I’m looking forward to it but it’s taking to damn long.

  9. 9 David rose

    Jeremy, you make good points. I’m just saying that while the iPhone may not be THE all-in-one it can be a all-in-one for many, and that this fall’s delayed rollout of BlackBerries have no such device by design! The Bold comes closest with its packed features, but is bulky and limited with its physical keyboard (a big plus in it’s own right, but takes have the surface of the device), lack of touchscreen and mediocre (let’s be honest) browser, however better than the old one. Now picture the all-in-one killer Blackberry, which looks a lot like today’s T-Mobile Android, but way better: A Storm/iPhone-like touchscreen with a slide-out keyboard of the kind only RIM can make in a small and slim form factor. Really, how hard can that be? The iPhone and Android are 1st gen phones. RIM really needs to pick up it’s game and fast. Unfortunately, this fall’s new line-up of devices all look very transitional and make RIM vulnerable, especially as it’s core enterprise customers may well decide to pass on these expensive “upgrades” that really don’t promise better security or productivity than current models and instead wait for real Blackberry upgrade I’m talking about. Make sense?

  10. 10 Jeremy

    @DavidB: No, my EVDO is EVDO. I have an 8830.

    @David rose: I’m not disagreeing that they couldn’t release an “all-in-one”. RIM has never been one to lead with the most innovative features. (They were late with colour, wifi, touch screen, a trackball/multidirectional control, and now some sort of app store). They have a history of not entering a space, till they think they can do it right without sacrificing stuff they’ve done well in the past. In the words of a RIM guy I talked to, notably email, security and Battery life. One of the reasons they were late to stuff like colour and wifi, I think is that previous generations of Blackberries lasted over a week without a charge (heavy usage). I don’t know if there model of waiting for feature implementations will change anytime soon.

    If we’re talking productivity and security as the main strengths of the blackberry, I think they still lead the iPhone by a fair bit. Especially in the enterprise space, where you have a BES, iPhone cannot compete yet. A company with 10000 blackberries gets a much larger voice than 1000, consumers, who want innovation.

    As for the Android, I’m super excited by this device, but very much not because of the device. The keyboard looks similar to that of one of HTC’s many keyboard based devices, and to put it very lightly, they suck. The gPhone’s strength will be the OS and google integration.

    If you need to have the absolute newest features (first to wifi, touch screen, app store etc…), you may want to buy something else. I think as they push to compete in the consumer space, as opposed to the enterprise market, where they’ve been and what they have called the “prosumer” space (the space between a the everyman and the large business customers), they will HAVE to learn to move quicker and push out “the” device. But, I can’t blame them for their reluctance.

    Despite all this word about them potentially losing ground, more than ever I’m seeing people buy Blackberries, over iPhones, HTCs, and whatever else. I’m not seeing the evidence that they’re in danger of losing ground (other than among the INeedTheLatestFeature crowd). That all said, I’m all for pushing companies to innovate and take risks and come out with cooler and better products.

  11. 11 Dave S

    Sorry IPHONE lovers…

    I had 2 3G iphones (yes 2) and returned both because apple ABSOLUTELY dropped the ball.

    Yes it has 3G (however i only saw it a few times on the screen)..oh well

    Yes it has a great touch screen (it really did)

    Horrible reception, total email failure, deopped calls and many times got very close to throwing it into a wall…

    btw, support is horrible.

  12. 12 FuturDreamz

    @Jeremy: 3G is the network speed. both EVDO and HSDPA (and EDGE in certain deployments in Eurasia) are considered 3G. EDGE, at least the American and Canadaian deployment, is 2.5G, 1xRTT (what your Blackberry falls back onto if there is no EVDO, and what most CDMA phones use) is 1G

  13. 13 clexman

    I’ve been rocking my 3G EVDO Sprint 8703e for some time now. I find it comical that the GSM networks act like 3G is the latest thing.

    @Jeremy the 1X on your phone means regular data connection. The 1XEV means your getting 3G coverage.

    Sprint will have their 4G network up and running in a couple months. Hey RIM! how about some sprint love with a 4G XOHM phone for us??

  14. 14 John

    I cant believe theres no wifi!

  15. 15 vz

    people, i’m not a rocket scientologist - but you don’t need wifi on vz’s network. you just don’t. it’s a waste of battery life. the storm will do very well and as i’ve seen in other posts, if they can come out with some version of mobile me (cloud sync) then it will make the iphone obsolete - at least until verizon gets the iphone of course. raise your hand if you’ve ever been a customer of both att and verizon. now if you’re actually honest about it - you’ll admit that att absolutely blows. I love the iphone, almost bought one and would dump my 8830 in a second if i could get it on verizon. but att has so many dropped calls it’s ridiculous.

  16. 16 Carlos S.

    @ VZ Hey what if u do not have “verizon” carrier?, u cant just limit a whole equip based on the carrier, it ships around the world to europe, asia and americas, where not everybody offers the same data plans and such, taking out the wifi is a mistake, along with the lack of adobe flash support, have a curve 8320 and an iphone and i`ve been waiting for a product where i can have both worlds into one, not sure if storm is my answer yet, when will it be release to stores?

  17. 17 Mark F.

    A few months back I finaly decided I’d push my Blackberry world edition over to the side and give the iPhone a try. The whole 3G hype is crap and so is the iPhones email capabilities to say the least. My biggest concern was email functionality and call quality as I use it on a daily basis for buisness purposes. I was assured by 3 different sales reps that the iPhone would perform in the exact same manner as my blackberry when it comes to sending and receiving emails….guess what? NOT TRUE and call quality, mediocre at best. I owned the iPhone for less than 36 hrs before returning it for a refund and switching back over to my trusted and reliable network, Telus. The one and only upside to the iPhone was the integrated wifi and touch screen, besides that I feel the iPhone is absolutly a waste of time and money and just like DaveS I feel that Apple really dropped the ball on this. I’m anxiously awaiting the release of the Blackberry 9530 which I’m sure will far surpass all my expectations. It’s just too bad that Blackberry doesn’t integrate wifi capabilities like the iPhone. Oh and on top of the iPhone just being a horrible device so is the customer service at Fido. I tried contacting them several times for support on setting up my email account and it took a minimum a 20 min each time to finaly get through to a technician which ultimatly knew nothing about the iPhone. Then to make matters worse, once I cancelled my contract (which was active for all of 2 days) I get hit with an invoice of $1200 when I was supposed to have a 15 day trial period (regardless of data or time used on the phone).
    I prodly and will always be a Blackberry user from now on.

  18. 18 Shannon

    A little bird informed me that the Blackberrry Storm for Vz may be upgrading? Is this true?

  19. 19 Catchsky

    I think they should have wifi absolutely because way fast than 3G.
    When you go to Starbucks,airport,campus, whenever you don’t have your computer, you can use wifi and it is so convenient and fast. I like it so much.

  20. 20 azrin

    It’s 1GB EMMC,*GB come added in for Vodafone brand and 128MB FLASH MEMORY… as for the ram..can’t say it’s 192 ..yet…

    crack said to be that 5.2 and WiMAX is supported.

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