BlackBerry Thunder/Storm video up on YouTube

Well it was only a matter of time until we were able to see some hands on video of the BlackBerry Storm/Thunder. This time the scoop comes not from us, but the “BREW Ninja”, who will obviously get someone at Verizon/Qualcomm fired. Go to 2:55 to see the goods.

It might seem a little surprising that a relative unknown has their hands on such a coveted device before someone like Boy Genius, but something is definitely going down at Verizon. Before this video went up, we were getting emails from people demanding money for Thunder/Storm pics. Is there some sort of major leak going on or are we closer to release than previously thought? We’ll investigate more in the morning.

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14 Responses to “BlackBerry Thunder/Storm video up on YouTube”

  1. 1 Ron

    I was watching the video and just before it got to the Thunder put it appears YouTube pulled it. I now get a message saying this video is no longer available. “Missed it by that much”…

  2. 2 Clark Kent

    This Ninja has been reading too many comics if he thinks covering only his mouth will prevent someone from finding his secret identity.

    Although, maybe he wears glasses IRL, which would make figuring out who he is almost impossible.

  3. 3 Rick D

    That was gone in a hurry; must have been the real thing. Perhaps someone who actually got to see it before it was pulled can describe it for us.

  4. 4 Richard Wood

    Would have been great to see, but the video’s been taken down. :(

  5. 5 Richard Wood

    Correction, I couldn’t get the link above to work, but went to YouTube and searched BlackBerry Storm and found it.

  6. 6 BlackBerry Cool

    The link to the video has been fixed…

  7. 7 Steve

    The original video on has been delete and the post has been replaced…

  8. 8 ryan

    What do you mean to go to 2:55 for the goods? The video is only 1:48!

  9. 9 DavidB

    The video that is linked as of right now is just the part about the “Blackberry for Verizon”.
    This has got to be ANCIENT video from these guys, everyone’s been calling it Storm for many weeks now. I have little doubt there’s been several handfuls of OS updates since this was shot.

  10. 10 jason

    i just saw the whole video on
    just search blackberry thunder

  11. 11 jason


  12. 12 Kristof

    I watched the video over the weekend but then I couldn’t show it to a friend on Monday.

    The Thunder looks very slick and I’m interested to see how the ‘push’ screen works on a day to day basis. But this is the thing, I love my Blackberry and would be lost without it as I am a frequent emailer to the office. The reason I didn’t get an iPod is because it doesn’t beat the Blackberry’s keyboard; and this is true for all of the ‘emailers’ within the creative agency I work for. The keyboard on the Blackberry is the core reason why we have Blackberrys so if they move to a touch screen, what’s now stopping me get an iPhone?

  13. 13 areacode lookup

    It looks pretty cool.

  14. 14 monica

    I work for verizon wireless, a heads up, the storm was released out on the market for business customers as of yesterday 09/22/08. For us, customers they so said it should be out on 10/01/08, for sure i’ll be one in line :]

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