Do you want to make a call on a plane?

Snakes on a plane

Airlines Ryanair and Emirates have both recently announced that their passengers will soon be able to make mobile calls during flights. However, a recent poll by Wanderlust Magazine shows that the majority of travelers would rather fly with snakes. Polling over 1000 readers, 76% said they would never use a mobile phone in the air and only 2% said they would use their phone regularly. Dan Linstead, Editor of Wanderlust indicates that the negative response relates to both cost and sanity:

“The message from our readers, who are all seasoned travellers, is loud and clear. Planes are one of the last sacred mobile-free havens and they want it to stay that way – let’s hope the airlines start listening… The interruption is one thing but people also need to realise that mid-air chats won’t come cheap. Emirates say the average call costs more than £2 a minute, so someone’s making quite a bit of money out of it too.”

Now, obviously, I’m sure every reader of BlackBerry Cool would love to send and receive emails during flights. Making calls is another issue, however. Would you want the ability to make a call from you BlackBerry during a flight? Or would you rather make sure your fellow passengers can’t? Post a comment and let us know.

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4 Responses to “Do you want to make a call on a plane?”

  1. 1 Kyle

    Again, depends on cost. At $4 USD per minute, no way. If the calls were affordable, of course.

    Now that airlines are offering WiFi, VOIP will be the new in flight call system.

    This will completely circumvent their proprietary calling system and give consumers affordable phone calls. I guarantee that when this happens, EVERYONE will be on the phone in flight.

  2. 2 Nan Palmero

    I just want to be able to use data on the plane.

  3. 3 DavidB

    I DO NOT want airlines making cell phone calling available on flights. I DO want data capability for email, web browsing, etc. (but not for VOIP).

  4. 4 Luke in DC

    Data Only is the way to go. WiFi, web browsing, email etc but ban VOIP. Make them use the seat back phones if someone needs to make a call. What is so vitally important that an email won’t do? Learn to schedule better. And just wait until you can RECIEVE calls on a plane. Ugh! I’ll stop flying.

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