Peek bringing mobile e-mail back to basics

Peek with BlackBerry Curve

Remember the days when the BlackBerry was just an e-mail pager? No phone, no GPS, no Wi-Fi, no camera, just straight-up e-mail? Things have gotten a little more complicated since then, but Peek is trying to whittle things down to the single most important service our BlackBerry provides. Seeing an e-mail-only handset with a modern layout certainly makes us BlackBerry enthusiasts wonder if we’ve strayed too far from the core functionality, or if we even need all those other bells and whistles. Sure, I’ve been plenty happy to have some of the navigation features on my BlackBerry Bold, but Scott, who managed to get a first glance at the Peek, made one very good point.

“When I talk to less technology savvy people, their number one complaint is that most products nowadays do too much. Many of them just want something that can make a phone call, or a camera that just makes photos without trying to be too cocky.”

What do you guys think? Is the BlackBerry getting too cocky? Is its complexity overwhelming the average consumer? If you’re looking for something more simple, Peek should be due out in two weeks for $99.99 at Target, and cost $19.99/month for unlimited e-mail.

(Gadling via Engadget)

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September 5th, 2008 at 11:52 am

Sure, I think a solo function device is fine for some. For me, I prefer not carrying around several solo function devices and am willing to accept trade-offs for convenience. My 8800’s been a portable godsend.

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