‘Is RIM Okay?’ (Weekly Contest)

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RIM’s recent financial statement makes it clear that it’s time to put things into perspective about what’s going on with our favorite company from Waterloo. The market has completely soured on RIM’s stock due to missed targets and shaky guidance for coming quarters. However, RIM CEO Jim Balsillie would tell you otherwise, stating that RIM is aggressively investing now to win later. And we can’t forget just how excited we are for upcoming BlackBerrys.

So post a comment and let us know which is the dominant RIM perspective right now: slow and steady to win the race, or financial freefall? The person who posts the best comment will receive a BlackBerry Bluetooth Stereo Gateway!!

30 Responses to “‘Is RIM Okay?’ (Weekly Contest)”

  1. 1 David R.

    Funny how nobody wants to comment on the ugly truth that RIM has in the past 60 days lost half its market cap and 25 percent in the past 24 hours alone. The reason, as RIM executive admit, is clear: Too little, too late.

    Put the Bold, Storm, Javelin and Pearl Flip together and RIM still has no iPhone killer in the bunch. They got cute and split key features——3G, GPS, WiFi, Touchscreen, physical keyboard, etc.——among various devices. In the process, not one single device offers the awesome “ultimate BlackBerry experience” we all want and that RIM needs to compete with the iPhone.

    A “great but not game-changing” Bold doesn’t cut it for business customers. A touchscreen with haptic feedback marketed to a consumer touchscreen market that Apple owns doesn’t cut it. The Pearl Flip and Javelin Curve—-which I’m going to get——are even less eveolutionary.

    Now RIM will have even LESS money to develop the iPhone killer it should have introduced this past summer. Meanwhile, Apple will continue to upgrade the iPhone features and offer new products —— just wait until Oct. 14, three weeks from now, when a new product announcement will completely wipe the very thought of a new BlackBerry away from the consciousness of the American consumer, weeks before these new BlackBerries appear!

    There’s a reason RIM has been leaking all these screenshots in recent weeks, fanboys. It’s because they know they’ve blown the rollout —— weeks behind slipped into months behind and now YEARS behind Apple — and that people who have actually used the Bold, Storm, etc. say they’re nice but “that’s all?”

    No game-changer in the bunch.

    RIM execs know it. The market knows it. But you, fanboys, are in denial.

  2. 2 Nan Palmero

    Hey guys! I think that RIM still has a leg up on wireless email (far more stable than mobile me), a real keyboard, a replaceable battery (which is a huge deal to me) and the security. My reasons are getting smaller, though.

  3. 3 Paul

    I think it’s important to remember one thing about RIM that everyone seems to always miss. RIM is a Research and Development company, not just a Smart Phone company and as such are always going to have ups and downs as their products are released or pushed back due to QA concerns. Besides just look at what people have been saying about RIM before the announcement.

    “Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) sold 5.6 million smartphones in April through June, up from 2.5 million a year ago, as it found new clients beyond its main business market.”
    -Financial Post, September 09, 2008 url:http://www.financialpost.com/story.html?id=779760

    “Both HTC and RIM have been making steady progress toward the one million shipments per quarter mark in EMEA and are now very close to each other in market share terms[sic]”
    -Canalys.com, 15 August 2008 url:http://www.canalys.com/pr/2008/r2008082.htm

    “In the States, RIM, a Canadian-based company that makes only smartphones, has now passed Nokia.”
    -arstechnica.com, August 11, 2008 url:http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20080811-smartphones-continue-march-blackberry-boosts-market-share.html

    RIM isn’t run by idiots and they certainly have the ability to produce innovative new devices and lets not forget their appeal and history with the business marketplace. I personally think that this is a golden opportunity for any fan of RIM to share in the upcoming success. Buy RIM stock while they are cheap.

    I’d like to know where David R get’s his information from and if he’s just writing any old blog comment in order to win a prize. I’m no expert but in 15 mins I was able to find 3 links on Google that support my point of view.

  4. 4 Bla1ze

    While I do agree with your point of view Paul, that RIm will be okay, you do have to take under consideration that all the articles you linked to were BEFORE the Q2 results were posted, so with that being said..some of the “speculation” in thos articles while based on facts at the time..have not all proven true..

    Overall, RIM as a company has been slipping into things that I expect from Motorola, Microsoft and many others, look at the mess with the Bold…launch issues and delays galore..they released a half baked product and are now backtracking to correct the issues in the device, all while moving towards their next products…RIM has seen a small portion of quality assurance slide in their maufacturing and development processes and it’s showing, although I don’t believe those reasons are the cause for RIMS recent slide in the markets..people are watching keenly these days and the economy just plain sucks in general, we are placing focus on RIM here…but..on the day that RIM slid in the markets, who else slid..I’m sure of you look at the numbers their were plenty of others that were hurt on that day as well.

    RIM will be fine as long as they keep moving…Research In Motion, will fizzle out if they rest on their laurels and lose that motion they pride themselves on.

  5. 5 David R.

    Is this contest a joke? RIM is NOT OK. Since my first post the company earlier today the company lost another couple of billion in its market cap. And now Jim Goldman at CNBC is putting a name to this financial hurricane that threatens the future of new BlackBerries for us with the features we want: the iPhone. Goldman squarely blames the iPhone for stealing market share from RIM.

    Now like other BB fanboys, I never really thought there was an overlap between the devices like the Bold and the iPhone. If anything, I thought BlackBerries would kill off the Treos and Motorolas of the world and eat into Nokia’s global dominance while the iPhone grew into a big but niche consumer smartphone.

    But RIMM dropped the ball. They sat on their asses while Apple not only introduced a game-changer in the iPhone, like it or not, but also a 3G version a year later. Worse for RIM, the iPhone APP store and MobileMe, however flawed, create a whole new platform for constant upgrading of firmware, apps and services.

    Meanwhile, we continue to wait for the Bold, the Storm, the Javelin and the Pearl Flip —— not one of which is a game-changer. RIM got cute and divided features among several handsets instead of coming up with an “ultimate BlackBerry experience” that would have better positioned the brand against the iPhone onslaught.

    It is this delay in hardware development, coupled with the loss of capital for future offerings, that make the destruction of RIM’s capital hands-down a full-blown catastrophe.


    And don’t expect the new devices to restore tens of billions of dollars into RIM’s coffers. Outside of fanboy fantasies over screenshots here, real analysts who have really used the devices for more than two weeks have said “very good with great features, but not one of them a great phone and game-changer” and are dumping RIMM shares.

    Meanwhile, Apple prepares firmware 2.2 and a major product announcement for Oct. 14, weeks before we’ll see the Bold or Storm or Javelin!

    BlackBerry is a powerful brand once guided by excellent management. That management, fat on its focus on fleet sales to companies now going belly up, has failed its true customers——users and not IT officers. As a result, it overspent on too many devices and underdelivered.

    Now, thanks to the market, the whole world knows.

  6. 6 Jerryd

    RIMM @ less than $71? Wish I had the $$ to buy some! The stock will be at $150 by March!

  7. 7 Jim

    We need to stop comparing RIMM and Apple. The rim market is is business users primarily. You want reliability, security, you go blackberry. I phone is for the trendy market for mp3’s. I don’t see the business need for bomberman in the app store, or an email service that drops emails (mobile me). Mobile me still does not even compare to rimm’s email, tasks, calender, security, etc. Apple is trying to fight rimm on business apps and rimm is returning the fight on the consumer non business front. Each is fighting in the others market niches in order to protect their core business. RIMM is business use and iphone is consumer.

    RIMM is pumping more money into advertising and promotion to launch a large offensive for a brand new product line. This will pay off. But remember RIMM is competing not only with apple now but also nokia, htc, motorola. They have more than apple to compete in.

  8. 8 SparklyShiny

    Yes, a number of RIM devices have been delayed. No, not one of the RIM models is what I’d call an iPhone killer.

    I recently went in search of my first smartphone. I headed to my mobile store to play with the new phones and pick up an iPhone . . . and was surprised to be completely intrigued with the Berry. Instead of buying the iPhone, I went home to research features and abilities - and now I know why I like the BB better.

    Understand that I love my iPods - I have two that receive regular use - along with a bevy of accessories. I fully expected to walk out of the store with the iPhone . . . and here I am (still) waiting for the Bold. The iPhone is cheaper, readily available, and gorgeous to look at, my friends have iPhones — and yet I wait for a BB.

    I firmly believe in the “slow and steady” theory and fully expect RIM to be an ever-growing competitor/threat to the iPhone. Why does one have to “kill” the other? There’s plenty of room in the marketplace for both elegant entertainment and efficient productivity. My employer does not have BES, I want a smartphone for purely personal use, and yet I still want the BB — I think it’s a far superior device. If I, a non-business consumer, can make the choice of BB over iPhone, then at least a few others must be doing the same.

    If I had any cash to sink into stocks, I’m with Jerryd - I’d buy up shares of RIM! A huge downturn in the economy creates everything from widespread panic to pessimism about individual companies . . . but I for one look forward to seeing where RIM sits in the next 18 months.

  9. 9 Paul

    As long as RIM doesn’t sell of their OS like Palm they will be fine.

  10. 10 MobileAdmin

    Can people focus on the fugures that were released are related to Q2 .. right when iphone fever was at it’s peak. Even through that RIM was selling devices and while Apple fan boys want you to think they are somehow leading the market .. Apple is still a good number of overall devices sold behind. In Q2 RIM sold 5mil devices … the total amount iphones out there. So yeah Q3 will likely be a little better with the pearl / curve were being offloaded by all carriers to make room for new products lines in Q4/Q109. Q4 will likely see a surge if / when the Bold, Flip and Storm are in the market. If you don’t think those devices will sell REGARDLESS if they are iphone “killers” or not your just delusional. The smartphone market is growing every year and there will be a device for each section of this growing market. Apple appeals to a very limited amount of that market no matter how great and cool they want you to believe.

    Now back to RIM. You also discount the biggest part of Blackberry and that is BES. From an enterprise stance there is nothing that even comes close to competing with it from a device management and security perspective. Apple is facing weekly security issue (cached images, passwords work arounds etc) and yeah while they fix it with a update, enterprise has no way to manage that upgrade, validate users have updated to it. Add the whole jailbreak side and the device has just become a nightmare alot of companies will likely revisit if they want to support a consumer based device that happens to do email.

    Apple’s other growing issue is the Appstore and the lack of true guidelines for development. Don’t think for a second the Appstore is anything more then another way for Apple to drive the Itunes machine and make money. They could careless about doing something innovative with it as long as they have total control and can cherry pick only things they want to host that for now have been mostly fun useless fluff, it seems anything that even remotely competes with a Apple application or improvement to the iphone is deemed a big - “thanks, but no thanks” a growing number of developers are getting more and more annoyed with this attitude.

    This market crap is all about stock performance, it is not so much about RIM but how people can make money (or not)

  11. 11 cherry

    i have so much faith in RIM with all of the new handsets that will be out soon i hope things will get even better.

  12. 12 neilept

    The new handsets are going to push RIM’s sales upward, as they are more “consumer friendly” devices. But I do believe the stock would benefit from a “business device” like the original blackberry’s to not alienate it’s core business. Personally, I am glad of the consumer device, but I hope that RIM doesn’t forget the reason that it has been so successful. Also don’t forget that RIM is moving upward on market share of OS devices out there. But, 1 other point might also make us realize with the economy scare out there, that all consumer electronic device (and stock shares), might suffer.

  13. 13 David R.

    Looks like the consensus from the comments above is that RIM could recover some ground if it devotes itself NOW to a killer business BlackBerry that employs both a slide-out physical keyboard and touchscreen for better viewing of data.

    This would be the successor “revolutionary” model to both the Bold and the Storm, two admittedly “transitional” devices. This “ultimate BlackBerry experience” device could also be marketed to consumers the way Apple is beginning to target its one and only iPhone to the enterprise market.

    More important, RIM would drop its “Life on BlackBerry” campaign which plays to Apple’s whole iLife strength in favor of a new “The Business of Life” campaign that plays to the brand’s strength, promising business-strength apps to the today’s complicated and ever-busy personal living where connection and calendars and media are all intertwined.

    What better way to manage a rich, full life than BlackBerry?

    The campaign theme?


  14. 14 mike

    It’s true, RIM had over a year to release a product to compete with the iPhone. It failed. It’s bold is overpriced and underfeatured. 1GB space! Horrible keyboard! No App Store! No easy way to upgrade the OS.

    What DavidR is saying is absolutely correct. RIM separates it’s features into 10 different products for god knows why reasons and forces people to move up to Apple’s product which just works. The user experience will topple everything. And if you’re a Mac user, you’re using an iPhone, not a blackberry because RIM doesn’t even have official software for the Mac.

    Apple is going to sell somewhere between 4 and 6 million iPhones in the same quarter that RIM just sold 6.1 million units. And RIM has multiple BB’s and 10 years on Apple. I think the #’s speak for themselves…1 quarter, 1 year of press, and Apple has already shipped some 5-6 million phones. RIM’s run is over and that was evident by last nights drop. If the financial industry is in ruins, you’re going to get more cancellations since the business market is their core market. They can’t penetrate the consumer market like Apple has.

    BTW David, The Oct 14th event will be Mac related, not iPhone. You won’t see an update to the iPhone until sometime next year, maybe a 32GB version, but that’s it.

  15. 15 Shariff Khader

    RIM as a compnay has its own identity in the market which no one else has.
    There are certain things which are over sighted or not paid attention to like Pearl captured great market share and RIM increased the range without prime focus on quality so what has happened was though customers liked it service levels, rate of failures per lot has increased and with poor after sale lost the trust of customers and prompted them to look into other companies. Had it retained higher quality standards and service levels RIM might have been undisputed leader. Coming to IPhone there is no need to panic as it is moving in the same trend like Pearl. What RIM should do is come-up with few lower end GSM/CDMA compatible devices which can be used anywhere with greater quality and higher service standards, there is a huge market untapped and no competition which is waiting. RIM should also develop selfserve trouble shooting with greater,simpler and efficient software that can save time and effort of customers. Response time for voice and data calls from customers should be handled with greater care and efficiency than the one we have now! I have no doubts of RIM coming back in no time if they look into these areas and also improve marketing strategies with some novel approach and conducting promotional camps reaching clients.
    Wishing you good luck RIM and waiting for your come back asap!
    Shariff K

  16. 16 crazylegs

    The key here is that while the iPhone 3G hype was at it’s height during the last quarter they STILL managed to sell 6.1 million devices, vs 5.4 million the prior quarter and an expectation of 7 million next quarter. As long as they sell more devices each quarter and add more subscribers each quarter, they will be more than just fine. Everyone loves to talk about how the iPhone will kill them, but they neglect to tell you that iPhone is sold on only 70 networks (eventually) and Blackberry is sold on 400 networks (and counting). Distribution matters.

    And they still earned $500 million this last quarter!!!! They will earn more next quarter. They have $2.2 BILLION in cash. Oh, they’ll be just fine!!!

  17. 17 MobileAdmin

    I don’t agree with the percepition that the iphone is a better user experience. Yeah a better web experience and a better media experience but overall the device has gone from one issue to the next. If your idea of a great user experience is updating your OS every month so that it works properly by all means. The Appstore is a fantastic concept but lately its mostly junk released and yet another version of something useless. Apple should open it open and release a full API set (something RIM provides).

    If anything with the financial meltdown on wall street more companies will pull back to support only one mobile platform and which one has the best device management, security — Blackberry.

    Iphone had a nice ride but I think you’ll see it’s growth slow as every apple fan is already running around with one and frankly it’s only market is consumers(which no dount is huge) but in case you didn’t notice a lot of people are financially hurt, jobs and homes are being lost so people migrate to what is cheaper and does the functions they need.

    Don’t discount the fact that not everyone is willing to move to at&t, RIM has the advantage of being on pretty much every carrier on the planet and offering different devices depending on your need and budget. A larger capacity of iphone doesn’t mean much to someone who just wants a device for voice, email and some lite web browsing.

  18. 18 Mark

    Lets keep in mind the reason that RIM stock went down hard. Its not that they didn’t sell alot. Because they certainly did. RIM is growing its business at a very steady pace almost doubling every year, and its been sustained for several years now. Wall Streets concern is with the margins that RIM is making and will be making on its devices. When RIM focused heavily on its enterprise market the margins for devices were at 50% or more. Recently that number has fallen. The consumer space is tough and there is alot more competition. By lowering device prices RIM is no longer getting 50% margins and infact is down at 47%. In the short term that number doesn’t look to change too much. Thats largely due to all the new devices coming out which initially will cost more to manufacture.

    The most important thing to keep in mind is that RIM is continuing to sell alot of BlackBerry’s and doesn’t look to be slowing. The question is will they make as much money as Wall Street would like or not? Don’t expect RIM to start losing money anytime soon…..

  19. 19 Walter Thompson

    RIM is ok. They did not miss their targets, they missed the annalist targets. RIM never said they were competing against the iPhone, every one else did. The Bold did not flop,AT&T dropped the ball. The Bold may need some software tweaking but how many versions of firmware has the iPhone gone through? The true comparison will be the Storm vs the iPhone. RIM has just started going after the consumer market. The stats indicate they are doing quite well, thank you very much! I haven’t seen any drop in market share yet. RIM stock, I feel was overinflated. With the new products hitting the market over the next several months I would predict the big loosers will be everyone who does not buy stock now. (And Apple ;))

  20. 20 Andrew T

    So what, RIM misses expectations by 1 cent and investors get pissed and bail which causes the 26 percent drop off. With RIMM hovering around the $70 range, how long do you think it’s going to stay there at that price mix that in with at least 3 products about to be released? You think because RIMM drops 26 percent translates to RIM losing market share? To who? Apple? Palm? Let’s be serious. David, RIM is not in the game to kill the iPhone. Instead of making ONE handset, RIM is going to make VARIOUS handsets that appeal to A LOT more people than Apple will, THAT’s how RIM captures market share. Currently the whole smart phone industry is heavily invested in RIM/BlackBerry. You keep going on and on about the iPhone. Selling a lot of iPhones doesn’t necessarily translate into marketshare. Last I checked, with only 2 generations of iPhone’s, Apple has already equalled or surpassed BlackBerry subscribers. Ask yourself, or ask anyone, where is the iPhone in market share of smartphones? No even close to RIM. You’re making this out to be a iPhone vs. BlackBerry thing. Fine but don’t mention the other handsets, only mention the Storm. Many analysts even predicted that RIM was going to cut back and focus on the consumer market and if they somehow fall, they already know that. So simply put, is RIM ok? Of course. Being in the game for however long RIM has, doesn’t get wiped away just because people feel uneasy that RIM missed the forcast by 0.01. I’m pretty sure if the Bold was already released, this wouldn’t have happened and if it did, it wouldn’t be that bad. Just wait until the other handsets get released then come back and have this conversation.

  21. 21 SusanC

    I think slow and steady. RIM has made a great investment in the upcoming phones, and we as well as all Blackberry Addicts will tell you that we are mightily anticipating the Storm and the Bold with eager sweaty palms. I am sure that once these new phones are released, RIM will be on top as the Great King of the Cell phones. I can be sure without doubt that sales will increase and so will the amount of Berry users.

  22. 22 Vedhead

    Apple and RIM are in distictly different spheres. Apple florishes in designing products and innovative hardware. RIM is a jaugernaut technology company still trying to figure out how to develop a handset, hence all the delays recently while Apple eats their lunch. RIM will survive and hold their market share but their stock wil continue to take a beating over the next 6-12 months. In the short term i am bearish on the Waterloo gang-however when/if their behemouth R&D pays off they will pull way ahead-light years ahead, led by their visionary leadership and the mad scientists at their connected institute.

  23. 23 ChrisL

    Slow and steady will win the race! The drop only occured because two wall street houses downgraded the stock. When that happens certain mutual funds are forced to sell the stock. This causes a big drop and a little mini panic where lots of other people sell just because it is going down. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I picked some up at 72.00, SWEEEEET!

  24. 24 David R.

    This article from Electronista says it all, folks:

    Friday, September 26th

    RIM has “head in the sand” vs. iPhone

    Needham and Company contributed to a steep decline in Research in Motion’s share price today by warning investors that the BlackBerry creator is likely going to perform below expectations in the near future. Analyst Craig Bisagna notes that while RIM is secure in its business sales, Needham sees the company’s dismissive attitude towards competitors in a financial conference call Thursday as overly optimistic and unrealistic.

    The iPhone 3G and the HTC-made T-Mobile G1 are likely to boost awareness of smartphones, Bisagna says, but are too directly pitted against the Curve, Pearl and other BlackBerries to avoid competition.

    “We continue to believe that the company has its head in the sand,” the researcher says on behalf of Needham. “It’s delusional to think [Apple and HTC] won’t cut into BlackBerry sales as well, especially in the consumer market.”

    Bisagna explains that RIM’s recent success has largely relied on the limitations of its competitors rather than any particular strength. Most of the BlackBerry line’s rise has been driven by home users and the Pearl in particular, but for most of this time has only had to compete against unsuccessful Windows Mobile hardware. RIM had the home-oriented smartphone market “pretty much to itself,” he says.

    The iPhone was only a non-threat through the absence of full-speed 3G access and a too-high pricing, according to the report. Both have since been taken care of, while the developer appeal of the T-Mobile G1 is also cited as a potential factor. The G1 is also priced inexpensively for its feature set at $179 on certain contracts.

    Multiple new BlackBerries due for the fall, such as the Pearl Flip and the touchscreen Storm, are said to potentially help RIM but aren’t guarantees that Apple, HTC, and others won’t affect BlackBerry market share.

    The conference call held by RIM followed a mixed but ultimately disappointing summer quarter report from the company, which saw earnings spike but phone shipments fall slightly short of targets set out by investment research groups. The quarter was the first in which RIM had to compete against the iPhone 3G but only saw limited competition as the Apple handset shipped midway through the three-month period.

  25. 25 MobileAdmin


    More Apple fanboy drivel .. how’s your stock doing today?

    After the flip, storm and bold launch let’s talk and see how well the iphone is selling.

    Why do fanboys think there will be one smartphone in the future and it will be iphone? The market is going to just keep getting larger and whomever is able to service ALL types of users will be market leader (in volume). This is the same as people saying the PS3 owns the Wii .. Wii keeps on selling and RIM will be the same.

  26. 26 MobileAdmin

    Note ending line:

    Apple (AAPL) got hit with a pair of downgrades Monday as analysts see a weaker consumer taking a big bite out of the computer-maker’s growth rate.

    RBC and Morgan Stanley analysts slapped Apple with neutral ratings, down from buy, on concerns that the slumping economy will put a chill on sales of Mac notebooks and desktop computers.

    Citing a IQ/Changewave survey, RBC noted that 40% of consumers questioned said they “plan on spending less on electronics in the next 90 days,” RBC analyst Mike Abramsky wrote in the note. This is the weakest outlook ever measured in these surveys, Abramsky wrote.

    Apple shares fell 16% in morning trading Monday in the wake of the reports, as investors get a sobering view of how popular consumer devices can lose momentum in a faltering economy.

    The growing credit crisis has helped deflate consumer confidence and force delays in purchases of items like new computers and flat-screen TVs. The problem for Apple, writes Kathryn Huberty in a downgrade of Apple to neutral Monday, is that not only is PC sales growth slowing but the one area shrinking less is the under-$1,000 price range where Apple is absent.

    Add the slowdown in PC sales to the higher costs of iPhone production, and Huberty says there will be a dramatic drop in Apple’s profit growth. Huberty cut her Apple earnings growth projection for the year to 6%, well below the 9% analysts’ consensus average.

    Apple is not recession proof, RBC’s Abramsky writes.

  27. 27 Simon

    You mean Monthly Contest, right? ;)

  28. 28 BlackBerry Cool

    Simon! You’re killing me. Maybe, but this one is a doozy! Free Bluetooth Stereo Gateway!

  29. 29 anne

    Really, I’d prefer slow and steady when it comes to any area of software development. I am so tired to software full of bugs, errors, bad features etc….

    Someone has actually started a Campaign to Improve Software
    Quality. More people should get involved.

    The campaign involves exposing software bugs to the public, so that
    software companies and websites are forced to release better software!

  30. 30 Joel W.

    You would think that someone here works for Apple the way he praises that “other” phone. Its iPhone this and Apple that. Who cares about them most people that own Blackberries absolutely Love them me included. Not everyone is into the whole touchscreen thing.
    We were asked to give our opinion on Rim not try to promote Apple and that other phone.

    So IMO RIM is a solid company and like most companies there are ups and downs. RIM and Blackberry are here to stay and they will continue to grab more and more of the pie bit by bit. Slow and steady wins the race.

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