Possible Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 release date emerges

Verizon device training info

With all the information about the BlackBerry Storm 9530 that Verizon continues to push out, it’s a bit surprising that the two things we don’t know about RIM’s first touchscreen BlackBerry: it’s price and release date.

Engadget just got their hands on an Verizon internal training document that indicates employee training on the BlackBerry Storm 9530 will be completed by November 2nd, leading many to think that the earlier rumors of an early November release date are right on the money.

So I guess the big question now is how much it will cost.

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  1. 1 DavidB

    $199 on a 2 year contract. $99 for those lucky enough (not current owners of a smartphone) to qualify for ADD.

    This 8GB model has to compete with 8GB iPhone head to head, so that HAS to be the target price.

  2. 2 kongx00

    what about retail price? what if you’re already stuck in a two year plan?

  3. 3 vzwchick

    ADD (Advanced Data Discount) went away about a year ago. They’ve built it in to the price of the phones, it was getting *way* too confusing for consumers. I think the only way people are going to get it for $99 are those lucky enough to have a $100 New Every Two waiting…

  4. 4 vzwchick

    ** and NO, I was just replying to the post above, I still have NO official answer on the price. I’m hoping it’ll be around there, but haven’t seen ANYTHING. grr, lack of internal documents is actually pretty annoying, but I’m glad to not be breaking NDA ;-)

  5. 5 st3v3

    if your stuck in a 2 year contract you have a couple options
    hope that someone in your family is due for an upgrade and you just take that if they are willing
    and as for the reatail price, it wont be pretty
    you have to factor that its a brand new phone in high demand, it would be atleast 600 or more
    or just pay the fee to end your contract early

  6. 6 sexisag1207

    I personally cannot waite till the BlackBerry Storm comes out! I have a Palm Centro…I love Palm, but I am ready to move up to a B.B.

    However I just got the Palm in July! So what I do not care, I am going to add on a second line just to get the sale price!!! Yes I will have the second line for another two years but if you look at it this way, having a two lines is not going to hurt you! Its only 9.99 extra a month, you dont even see it. And the best part is I’ll be getting a new phone almost every year from having both lines!!!

  7. 7 Jonny

    And reading sexisag1207 above, you wonder why the government is bailing out america. Yes I could afford both phones too, but I’d rather stick the extra $240 on a 2 year contract into an index fund and have it pay for my Porsche when I retire. But I am excited to bail from my Palm Treo 700P to the Blackberry Storm - my contract’s 2 years ends today - but if it’s not priced competitively with the IPhone, then I’ll become an AT&T customer in the Metro DC area.

  8. 8 sexisag1207

    Reply back to Jonny- Im sorry but your reply had nothing to do what we are all talking about. Personally I can care less about you having a Porsche- no offense! But we all are just speaking in general.

    I THINK the Storm will be kind of cool. Yes its a spin-off of the iphone, but so what! The iphone built up so much hype- and the phone isn’t all that great! (from iphone users I know).

    So basically only time will only tell!!

  9. 9 sexisag1207


  10. 10 crazysapp2

    I’m not sure if this spot on, but yesterday while I was on the phone with my personal VW rep talking to him about this phone, he said that he expects the price to be $199 to compete with the Iphone, and to be released on or very near to the 9th of November.

    Hope this helps, Later.

  11. 11 sexisag1207

    Thank you “Crazysapp2″ I cannot waite for the arrival.

  12. 12 Jamie

    I work for verizon, while I have not figured out any pricing, rumor has it that the release date is the 10th or 14th

    so lets just say the 2nd week in November.

  13. 13 Jamie Squared

    Awesome! Thanks Jamie! :) When you find out the pricing you should post it up fo sho!

  14. 14 kongx00

    cool cool… i can’t wait for this thing to come out. hehehe… a buddy of mine said their company tests thems before they release thems and he said its awsome.

  15. 15 Tumaz04

    Muah’s NE2 lands on the 14th, gettin pretty stoked here! Can’t wait to get rid of my LG EnV for this beast.

  16. 16 Gmen122

    so this $200 estimated price is only for those who are due for an upgrade? What if i am not due for one is the price going to be jacked up?

  17. 17 DavidB

    “Jacked up”? You mean “not discounted”, right? Carriers have to pay RIM for the phone, and we’ve seen reports pegging cost to manufacture at something like $165, so I would imagine the only way for Verizon and RIM to profit is sell it much higher than that, and discount it if you’re willing to sign a long term contract. That’s just the way it works ya know? Neither are in this business to LOSE money! Look at what Bold sells for off contract around the world. Look at what Verizon (and all the other USA carriers) sells Blackberry smartphones for without a contract. Wouldn’t surprise me to see a off contract price pushing $500-600! Nobody likes prices like that, but hey, these cutting edge devices aren’t free to develop or build or support.

  18. 18 Joesph

    I have to agree with David. There are several sites, especially based in the U.K. (since the storm is also sold by VodaPhone), that allow you to pre order the phone, and all the sites place it at a range of 6 to 8 hundred dollars. Still, just think about it as buying a voyager full price, but getting a storm, sounds like a good deal to me.

  19. 19 tim

    looks like november 16

  20. 20 Mouse

    Verizon Wireless has pushed release date back to Nov 16th. Managers did not receive the devices on yesterday like company said they would. All Verizon stores had Jam Sessions on today for the training and pricing on the device. Release date is Nov 16th and pricing is $399.99 on a 2yr agreement.

  21. 21 kongx00

    dang… 399.99 for 2yr agreement? so retail would be in the ball park of 699.99-799.99???

  22. 22 Jake

    Does anyone know if it is going to be released to any other store besides Verizon, and if so when would this be? I have sprint and I want that phone, but I’m not sure when it will be available through us.

  23. 23 kongx00

    Jake I believe it is said that it’s going to be EXCLUSIVE with only verizon. But I’m sure you could get it unlocked for Sprint. But as to when and if any other carriers would be carrying this phone. I am not sure due to that supposedly RIM and Verizon have a contract simular to what Apple and AT&T has. But I’m pretty sure that if sales goals are not met RIM will be offering it to other carriers.

  24. 24 DavidB

    CDMA phones (like Storm) aren’t just unlocked and switched carrier like a GSM phone. Yes it CAN be done but its not as simple as GSM just pop in a SIM card and away you go.

    We heard months ago that Storm (then called Thunder) would be Verizon exclusive as long as some sales goal was met. What is the number is unknown, nor have RIM nor VZW ever publicly confirmed that I’ve seen.

  25. 25 DMRodgers

    Well I won”t be spending nothing over 299.99 for no phones. I’m going to ATT forget that if that is the case. The iphone is 199.99, not 699.99 or higher it ain’t worth it. Then in about 24-32 weeks it is have price. Cause nobody but a fool would buy it at that price. It loses value. Even at 399.99 is stupid. Well they’re going to lose their exclusive rights watch.

  26. 26 davedsk8r

    personally, my opinion is that at&t sucks & verizon voice & data service is a lot better
    & the blackberry storm is WAY better than the iphone (i would kno cuz I have a samsung i760 & i’ve played with an iphone before & even my phone is better than the iphone (& my phone is a piece of crap)

  27. 27 JJack

    FYI. I just visited Verizon’s web site where they are advertising for the “Blackberry Storm Hunt”. They winning prize is valued at $549 which includes a Storm and a $50 wireless gift certificate. Doing the math, the phone is $499.

  28. 28 davedsk8r

    well the $499 is more than likely the RETAIL price
    with the new every two it’s probably gonna be $200- $300, especially since the 8 GB iphone is like $250- $300 (can’t remember off the top of my head)

  29. 29 jess

    to sexisag1207 if you get a second line for the blackberry you cant just pay 9.99 a month. you have to pay for the email and internet that they make you pay. its about $30 or $40 a month. unless this blackberry doesnt require the internet and email service fees.

  30. 30 JOhnny

    If the Storm is more than $250, I’m getting the Iphone 3g for $200.

  31. 31 iceman


    He will most likely put his palm on the added line for 9.99 a month and put the blackberry as the main phone on the plan thus alieviating the need for the large jump in monthly price for the plan

  32. 32 Todd

    I heard a firm date of the 16th-I am calling the middle of this week to reserve a phone, I was told you can do that by my VZW rep. I was more or less told that they will sell for $199 w/ 2 year contract to compete with the iphone, but you never know…

  33. 33 Tom

    The pricing for the data and email is WAY higher on Verizon that with AT&T… I can get the iphone with unlimited data and 450 minutes for 60.00 a month with my discount… I talked to Verizon, they have no intention of even trying to compete… my Verizon contract ends on 11/25, and I’ll be going straight to the Apple store.

  34. 34 DavidB

    Well Tom, how much is your discount? Unlimited Blackberry data and 450 minutes/month is $70/month on Verizon. I wouldn’t call that WAY higher. Nationwide Basic 450 is $40 and BB email/web is $30. Add another $10/month and you get unlimited text/pix/flix messaging on a camera device like the Storm. ATT’s 450 minute plan is the same price as VZW. Perhaps you should go look around at http://www.myrateplan.com. Plus if you’ve been with VZW for any length of time at all, they WILL do “something” for you if you talk to a rep about leaving to go to another carrier.

  35. 35 K-Stormie

    Unless I’m super mistaken, I believe the $200 ballpark for the Storm would be accurate. Being as it is comparable to the iphone, more or less, and that would be its major competitor, throwing a huge $$$ amount would push away potential customers. As far as the “pre-order for $700″ and things like that, I believe that is because they are seeing that as the “retail” value for the phone, as opposed to the price you’d pay with a 2-3year contract. Like I said, I’m not a VZW rep or anything, but it’d make sense to me. As far as the data plan goes, I do’nt think they can “require” that you carry a data plan, but some of the coolest features on the phone are related to the data plan, so it probably highly recommended. That’s just my nerdette opinion though…

  36. 36 Tom

    Well, David- I did talk to quite a few reps (as well as email the government VZ rep, who never bothered to reply, by the way), and they all said that my option was to pay the price that they were asking, or go to antother carrier.. perhaps the reps are more customer-minded in your neck of the woods, but they sure don’t seem to give a crap here in Maryland. Also, I don’t know where you are getting your numbers from, Verizon’s website currently shows BB Email and Web unlimited as 49.99 (http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/store/controller?item=planFirst&action=viewPlanDisplay&planId=32732&typeId=15&orderKey=)… which is WAY HIGHER. And don’t forget- AT&T has roll-over minutes.. is my friendly local VZ rep going to magically grant me that adjustment?

  37. 37 DavidB

    Tom, that’s the plan if you want Verizon hosted BES. The $30 is just as “unlimited” and all you need if you don’t require BES (which iPhone can’t offer you anyway) or are on a company-run BES. If its gov’t, why do you care how much, if they are paying for it? You don’t use a personal Blackberry for gov’t hosted BES do you? And why can’t you get your “discount” with Verizon too?

  38. 38 MichaelB

    DavidB…you seem familiar with Verizon. My company has a BES. Do I need the $49 plan for data or the $30 plan? If I use my company’s BES, do they have access to all of the emails sent to me (including POP3) and the websites I’m on?

    Thanks in advance.

  39. 39 Tom

    David- I get a discount because I am a gov’t employee, but I pay my own bill. I do get a discount with Verizon now, but with the discount, the iPhone plan will be cheaper. I specifically asked the verizon reps in the VZ Store about the available data plans for the BB, and they never mentioned anything but the $50 plan. IF the price you say is true (which I still don’t see it anywhere on the VZ website), then yes, it is a bit closer in price, but the Storm still seems to lack a lot of the features that make an iPhone an iPhone. Also, I have read some review where ppl (beta testers, I assume) stated that they really didn’t like the Haptic Touch interface… I would have to see one and play around with it to be sold on it.

  40. 40 DavidB

    The $30 rate plan is right there on the Verizon web site. Not sure why you don’t see it, when I pick any Blackberry and then go to plans there are two data plans $30 (the BIS only plan) and $50 (the BES hosted Exchange plan) and one must be selected to continue.

    But anyway, if YOU think an iPhone is a serious device for business/gov’t use, nothing I can say about plan prices is going to change your mind. You have already decided you want an iPhone, and are just looking for justifications.

    You can easily locate as many negative (from a business use perspective) reviews of the iPhone as you can find people complaining about Storm’s screen (before device released ha!). And any reviewer that talks about “Haptic Touch” referring to Storm clearly has no clue and I’d disregard anything they say. The Storm is not a haptic screen.

    IPhone is a cool device, no doubt. It would be great for my wife. But for me, having to get WORK done with my device, I’d take ANY Blackberry on anyone’s network before I’d take a iPhone! A lowly 7100i on Nextel is a better business tool than any iPhone. IMHO.

  41. 41 Phillip

    Watz up peepz. I’m with Tmobile via Suncom and a lot of the reps had’nt even heard of the Storm lol! I’m searchin for a ‘good’ aftermarket retailer that will have the Storm. I’m aiming 4 an $400 price range :) I’ll post anything I find….its a blackberry world!

  42. 42 Diggs



  43. 43 Nesto512

    I went to Best Buy today and they had mentioned something about Nov.15…I got my Pre-Order form and at the bottom of it it has an expiration date of 11/22/08. Could it be that maybe it will come out in that Nov.15-22??? I sure do hope so.

  44. 44 DIGGS


  45. 45 Nesto512

    Me too can’t wait. I hope i get a phone call one day early…

  46. 46 Phillip

    Peeps, I feel guilty but i’m leaving Tmobile for Verizon. I’m a loyal person but they lost me coming out with a (google)phone and have no idea when they would make the Carolinas 3G capable. Their gonna send me the storm…no deposit….total $276 next day.

  47. 47 Tom

    Verizon’s site is showing release date of 11/21, and a price of 249.00 (then you get a 50.00 mail in rebate). This is listed as the 2 yr contract price with Nationwide Email plan. I’m gonna try go to the VZ store to get the exact details.

  48. 48 sexisag1207

    WOW!!! I just got off the phone with Verizon!! I asked how much will the phone be at FULL RETAIL COST!!! Its $499.99!! However I do not qualify for my upgrade till sometime next year!! Thank goodness I have an corporate account. We get a nice discount. Something is better then nothing….

    But in all reality! What were they thinking when they came up with hat price? The economy is a mess right now, no one is going to buy that phone for that price. Mark my word, that phone is going to be on sale very soon!!!

  49. 49 sexisag1207

    P.S. I went to the website to check out the Specs. That phone weights 5.5oz Thats seems kind of heavy. I have a Palm and it weights 4.2oz

  50. 50 DavidB

    While you were on the web site did you bother to look at what other Blackberry smartphones or Treo or Blackjack or whatever go for at off contract price? $499 is a bargain for what you’re getting with Storm, bad economy of not nobody is selling phones to LOSE money!

  51. 51 sexisag1207

    To DavidB:

    No I didnt check, I am not interested in any other phone but the STORM!!! $499. was just a shock, since I am used to getting new phones with my upgrade. This would be the first time I’m buying a phone for the full retail price.

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