Verizon launches service without contracts today, just became BBCool’s best friend

Verizon Wireless has taken a major step today towards making their network more open, by offering phone service without the need for a contract. Verizon customers customers who pay the full unsubsidized price or bring in their own compatible device (like a BlackBerry) to sign up for a monthly plan that they can get out of at any time. An activation fee must be paid -hey, they’re still a carrier- but there are no early termination fees for canceling the service.

So what is the benefit of Verizon’s new ‘open’ initiative for BlackBerry users? For one thing, I know that whenever BlackBerry Cool now travels to the U.S. for conferences or other events, we will all be using Verizon or Verizon compatible devices. To avoid getting dinged on roaming, we’ll simply sign up for Verizon service for a month, then cancel it upon heading back to Canada. I’d recommend that all Canadian BlackBerry users who travel often think about doing the same. Now, to get our hands on a BlackBerry Storm

(via CN)

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Marcus Bearden
September 22nd, 2008 at 11:53 am

But still…kudos to Verizon for publicizing it. It’s definitely a huge step forward in the market to announce something like this, especially for smart phone users (who often get hit the hardest on data plans).

September 22nd, 2008 at 12:42 pm

this is nothing new. rogers does it. you just don’t get the promo plans or prices. it’s like when telus launched the 8830 ‘world phone’. not new either all gsm berries (that i’ve had, anyway) have always been world phones

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