Vlingo 1.1 for BlackBerry Reviewed

Final Conclusions

Voice applications will always be looked at with a wary eye initially within the BlackBerry community, but Vlingo’s powerful and easy to use software deserves a spot on every BlackBerry. The fact that something this good is free is icing on the cake. A version with Bluetooth and multiple email support will earn a perfect score. For now…

Final Score: 4.5/5

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8 Responses to “Vlingo 1.1 for BlackBerry Reviewed”

  1. 1 Peter

    What is Vlingo’s business model? You don’t run an app that records and transcribes your voice on a remote server without having some sort of future business model attached.

  2. 2 BlackBerry Cool


    That’s a really good question. I know they did the white-label development for Yahoo! OneSearch (http://www.blackberrycool.com/2008/08/yahoo-onesearch-released-to-canada-and-phillipines/), so I would think they’re trying to promote their service as much as possible to get carriers interested.

  3. 3 berry_geek

    Would you get some information on MyCaption? I’ve a BlackBerry Bold, and apparently Mycaption is the only player which offers speech-to-text on Bold.. but i’d rather have your opinion on it before i buy it (by the way i already tried out the free trial and works really well)

  4. 4 Tom

    I have an older blackberry 8703E with the 4.1 operating system. Vlingo software download says it will not work on my model. Can I update this or do I need new hardware?

  5. 5 rf10

    Is this supposed to work on the Storm? I tried and get “Could not record”

  6. 6 Betsy

    I also have the storm and cannot get it to work. I used the 4.6 operating one assuming it was the newest version. I can not get it to record either. Any ideas?

  7. 7 Kevin

    Hey guys I have the storm 9530 and got it to work. I’m running the OS 4.7 which I believe is the latest version. However, when I started to setup Vlingo it asked me to download a 4.6 version update. Also during the setup wizard it had issues with detecting where my finger was but all you have to do is keep your finger on the screen and find what is being highlighted. Once you figure that out it works perfect after setup. One thing you have to be sure is set the permissions to allow pretty much everything. Hope that info helps?

  8. 8 glumpster

    Im using vlingo on my pearl and just love it.there are a few apps you just wouldn’t do without and this app is one of those for me.

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