Rogers BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 to come in pink before Christmas?


File this one under “to be determined”. However, MobileInCanada has published a photo today showing what looks to be a legit Rogers BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 promotion offering the device in pink for $50 on a three-year contract. Now we know from CTIA that the Pearl Flip will eventually be coming to T-Mobile in a bright red, but this looks to be different. As well, right around CTIA Rogers accidentally published a Pearl Flip promotion that showed the device to be $150 on a three-year contract.

Our thoughts? If the image is legit, expect Rogers to do the same thing they did to the BlackBerry Bold, and drop the price of the Pearl Flip 8220 around six weeks after launch — just in time for Christmas and in a new color. Stay tuned and buyer beware during the Rogers Pearl Flip launch.

(via MobileInCanada)