Bell BlackBerry Storm confirmed, site up later today

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bell blackberry storm confirmed

UPDATE: is now live! Check it out!

BlackBerry Cool reader Flashy Pete just sent us this image confirming that Bell is in fact getting the BlackBerry Storm, as we had reported early this morning. Who knows what was the cause of the delay (one last sack of gold to be delivered at RIM’s doorstep?), but Flashy Pete also tells us that the site should be live some time today!!

Question: which Canadian carrier will sell more Storms, Bell or Telus?

(Special thanks to LouTreize for helping to break this story originally)

  • Jag
    Any news on if Rogers is getting blackberry storm?
  • @LouTreize

    Ah, you beat me to it! But I have another post up:
  • LouTreize
    It's up.
  • LouTreize
    BlackberryNews: "UPDATE: I now have received the conformation I was waiting for that Bell will be carrying the Storm by mid December."

    What's better news is that gas is at $1.09 here in Montreal. And thank you for breaking out with all these goodie articles.
  • @LouTreize

    Thanks so much with helping to break this story!!
  • LouTreize
    Ah, beautiful.
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