Bell to also get the BlackBerry Storm?

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WOW Huge news coming via BlackBerry Cool commentor LouTreize who has tipped us off that the BlackBerry Storm will be coming to Bell as well in Canada! Read what he has to say below:

Now these!

“Balsillie said the new touchscreen BlackBerry will also be available in Canada on Bell (TSX:BCE) and Telus (TSX:T) networks later this fall.”

RIM will be launching the device with partner carriers Verizon Communications Inc. in the U.S. and Vodafone Group PLC in Europe. Mr. Balsillie said BCE Inc. and Telus Corp. will be selling the Storm by the end of the year.

The question here is whether or not Balsillie/mainstream press screwed up, or Bell is really slow with their PR… If someone from Bell would like to drop us a line, it would be greatly appreciated!!

Seriously, I’m expecting the UPS guy to show up with a Storm at my house any minute now. What other news could possibly go up tonight?

  • TWIX
    YES! I'm with bell and this is going to be my Christmas present to myself im sick of the HTC Touch phone and its all broken up anyway dont care how much it cost this is going to be my Gift thank God Bell is finally getting a GOOD Phone!! we never get the Sexy phones!! im definitly getting it when it comes out! XD
  • Matt
    New Logo!!!
  • GT
    The Bell site referenced before ( now goes to the mobility page. No dedicated Storm page, but at least they have heard of it! LOL.
  • @simon

    breaking news + early in the morning means you get what you get.

    You should have seen my first attempt!
  • Simon
    That is some grade-A photoshopping, there.
  • LouTreize
    ""This is meant to be on (high-speed) CDMA networks in North America," said Balsillie, who declined to discuss the Storm's pricing.

    While the Storm smartphone also runs on GSM networks, which account for about 80 per cent of the global market, the device will only be available initially on GSM carriers in Europe, India, Australia and New Zealand, RIM said."
  • LouTreize

    I tried it a half hour ago and it brought me to a "doesn't exist" page. Interesting!
  • LouTreize
    Hahaha, it's 2am and this is driving me insane. And a broken 8830 doesn't help the situation. Love the picture but i'm still wondering what's going on with all these claims.
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