BlackBerry Storm Roundup (continuously updated!!)

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UPDATE: As you can see, we’re going to add all the relevant BlackBerry Storm news to this one post, so bookmark the post and keep checking back to make sure you stay up to date!

The BlackBerry Storm news is flying so fast that we’re writing a roundup an hour after it is officially announced. Insane. Suffice it to say, RIM/Verizon succeeded in building up some hype. Look out iPhone!

Official BlackBerry Storm News

Verizon/Vodafone BlackBerry Storm official release
Telus BlackBerry Storm official release Official Site
BlackBerry Storm specs and features
CONFIRMED: Bell to get BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm Hands on/Reviews

Gizmodo BlackBerry Storm hands on
Engadget BlackBerry Storm hands on
PhoneScoop hands on
Laptop Mag BlackBerry Storm hands on
PC Mag BlackBerry Storm hands on

Note: The round up post was getting so big that it was messing with our site format, so we moved some of the news after the jump. Click now!

Bell BlackBerry Storm

Latest BlackBerry Storm News

BlackBerry OS 4.7 JDE and simulator now available!
First iPhone 3G BlackBerry Storm comparison
Bell to also get the BlackBerry Storm?
Want to see a BlackBerry Storm/iPhone 3G hybrid?
Verizon takes the BlackBerry Storm to the streets
Verizon showing BlackBerry Storm commercials
Playing with the BlackBerry Storm (simulator) is fun!

  • rob
    Are you kidding me!! The intuitive input for text is the same as Wordlogic!! Who owns the patent?
  • Amin Kardan
    I just wish they had up'ed the internal memory. What the hell is 1gig nowadays anyway. Bold went down in price too!
  • Yul
    Oh, but the Blackberry Storm dont uses iPhone OSX?

    Look at this:

  • Richard Bellemare
    It's Official
  • Nan Palmero
    Great work on the round up, certainly appreciate the info!
  • Nan Palmero
    I did a size comparison between the Storm and the iPhone - pretty similar.
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