BlackBerry helping to solve our economic woes


The Wall Street bull

I thought it was interesting that ComputerWeekly, while describing “what is a BlackBerry”, chose to emphasize its ability to help the US and UK during the credit crunch.

The Blackberry has played a regular supporting role in the UK and US governments’ attempts to deal with the credit crunch. Alastair Darling used his to track coverage by the BBC’s Robert Peston while attending meetings. US representatives were told to check theirs into a bin, to ensure that details of what they were discussing would not leak out to Wall Street.

I’m not sure if that is the first thing I would say to introduce a BlackBerry. Maybe something along the lines of “the BlackBerry is a smartphone that has push email.” I don’t know, maybe that isn’t powerful enough. How about “the BlackBerry was invented by John McCain and will win the war against terror.”

(Via ComputerWeekly)

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