Buy your AT&T BlackBerry Bold on eBay now

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There’s only 5 hours left of the AT&T BlackBerry Bold. The current price is at $860, so you’ll have to be a complete die-hard BlackBerry/AT&T fan to want to pay. On the other hand, this is a super sweet device and I’m sure the price will jump considerably in the last couple of hours. If anything, we should follow this item just to see how crazy people will get. Oh yeah, and the seller has a feedback rating of 2 so you’ll probably get scammed. Good luck!

(via bbforums)

  • TMW
    I like how the winner of the auction had no previous ebay transactions, and just joined ebay this month. Hmmmmmmmmmmm? He was a ringer trying to drive up the price but ultimately won the auction. Expect to see this listed again.

    I'll wait less than 2 weeks to get it for $199. (I have a $100 credit for AT&T.)
  • DavidB
    Either the seller was counting on a sucker (and 16 suckers bid), or the seller didn't know ATT announced a launch date and price. Hey, he started it at $500, which is less than ATT's retail price, so anything over that is just stupid ebay buyers.
  • addictedtoBB
    You guys must be bored today...
  • Georg
    No reason to pay so much since AT&T will release it in two weeks. Or is someone speculating on people who don't know it?!
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