Telus BlackBerry Storm page launching at noon, we have pics

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Telus BlackBerry Storm

For those that can’t get enough BlackBerry Storm news (read: everyone), we have a quick update for the Canadian contingent. We have very good word that Telus will be launching their Storm page today at 12pm EST. While the Telus Storm page apparently won’t contain a release date or price (sigh), it will have some device information, as well as a bunch of Telus-branded Storm pics to hold subscribers over. We were able to get our hands on a couple, such as the MSN shot above; you can see a few more after the jump.

To hit the Telus BlackBerry Storm page (at 12:01!), go to:

Don’t everyone rush at once!

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  • chris benjamin
    how do i get windows live on my black berry storm
  • LouTreize
    Telus was nice enough to offer a file full of high-res shots of the 9530. Download it if you feel like dirtying your screen with your grubby hands haha.
  • @paul

    It's up, the site just doesn't look that much different. While there is still the registration signup on the home page, they now have 'Photos' 'Specs' and 'Media Center' sections as well.

    Not as good as a release date (or a Storm in your hand), but it's a start!
  • Paul
    um... Did i miss something. It's not up!
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