Telus Removes BlackBerry Streaming Media Block

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More good news for Telus BlackBerry subscribers today! While you’re pressing refresh every 5 seconds waiting for the new Telus BlackBerry Storm site to load, why don’t you pass the time by watching a YouTube video on your current Telus ‘Berry?

That’s right, Telus has now removed the streaming media block for BlackBerrys, meaning that websites like are now useful. Many are speculating that this unblocking is part of Telus’ BlackBerry Storm launch prep, but the reason doesn’t really matter. Streaming media!

Note: Previously there was some concern that streaming media would only work on OS 4.5 devices and above, but we can confirm OS 4.3 works as well. OS 4.2 users, you’re on your own.

  • Dallas
    This info is incorrect. When trying to play streaming media such as from it loads up the media player only to get an error the it is unsupported media! Most stories on Blackberry Cool are accurate...thos one is not.
  • Mike P
    It was working but now when I try to watch a video on my bb it says it is an unsupported media type. Does anyone know why?
  • Stacey
    Well I have tried and talked to Customer Service. They have no idea what I was talking about. I will call again today, but where did this info come from so if need be I can tell the rep.
  • Turtle
    this is old news if you are a Bell Mobility customer.
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