Best Buy selling BlackBerry Bold for $199 (‘Cool Deals)

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Sweet glory in the morning, is that a cheap price for a BlackBerry Bold! Coming less than a month after Rogers dropped the price of the BlackBerry Bold to $299 on a 3 year contract, Best Buy Canada is selling the Bold for $199 on a 3 year contract until November 3rd. While this will surely make any Rogers customers that bought the Bold at launch a little steamed, I can only wonder what AT&T subscribers are thinking. Don’t worry, you only have to wait until Tuesday (but go vote first).

Question for the audience: is this stellar price drop a reflection of the holiday season, the downturn economy, or the fact that Rogers is the only Canadian carrier not to get the BlackBerry Storm this Christmas?

BlackBerry Bold at Best Buy Canada

|via MobileSyrup|

  • subodh
    do sell the blackberry in india
  • @Adam,

    I feel your pain. In very few ways does it benefit anyone to be an early-adopter.
  • Andrew
    I think it has more to do with the fact that they aren't selling against the iPhone at a higher price point.
  • Adam
    Well, this is the first time I've jumped on the newest of the new (bought the Bold back at the end of August for $400 from Rogers). If I would have waited a whopping two months, I would have saved $200.

    Last time I jump on the train...
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