Rogers BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 arrives November 4th

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We already told you how much the Rogers BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 is going to cost, and now we can tell you the official release date: November 4th. We just received an email directly from Rogers with the news.

I wonder if Rogers will sell as many Pearl Flips as AT&T is hoping to sell BlackBerry Bolds on the 4th?

  • Selina
    My Blackberry keeps restarting... although i don't know why...
    -is it because the connection is bad...?

    anyway i love my new blackberry!!!
  • Anthony
    Why can't ATT do something like this on their website for the Bold...we know it's coming out on the 4th...why don't they put up a nice page w/ the release date????
  • rochelle
    which store already has it
  • Rogersdude96
    Its already alvailable in our store!
  • Blackberry 8220 lover
    Hey guys

    I just preordered my 8220 pearl flip.(will be at my house on monday!)

    I am with Fido and need to unlock it.

    I was recomended by the manager at Rogers to buy an unlock code at

    They Unlock Blackberry 8220 Pearl flip Rogers for $19

    I think it’s a good price,

    What are your thoughts?
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